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The following U.E. Loyalist names are some of those found in the family trees of current and past members of the Bay of Quinte Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.

Home page, e-mail and other links will be added to these names as we receive them from our members and from the genealogy community at-large. If you have a link for one of these family names (and you are willing to have it linked from here), please inform our webmaster.

If members have regular mail addresses rather than email addresses, or if there are more than one Branch member per ancestor, then by 'clicking' on the highlighted name you will be transferred to page two and that contact information. This information is not complete and coding and linking is ongoing.

Ackerman Allison
Alyea, Isaac Asselstine, John
Asselstine, Peter Babcock, Benjamin
Babcock, John (Sr.) Baker, Frederick
Bastedo Bell, Duncan
Bell, William Benn, John
Blakely, James Bleecker
Bogart Bowerman, Ichabod
Brown, Jesse Brown, Nathaniel
Buck, George Cain, Isaiah
Cameron, John Card, Joseph
Carle, William Carley, Elijah
Carr, Daniel Carscallen, Edward
Chapman, Nathan Clark, Robert
Corbman, Jacob Dafoe, Michael
Davy, John Davy, Michael
Demille, Isaac Denike, Andrew
Denyes, Martin Diamond, Jacob
Diamond, John Dorland, Philip
Dulmage, David Dusenbury, John
Eastman, Benjamin Embury, John
Empey, Peter Ferguson, Jacob
Finkle, George Jr. Finkle, George Sr.
Fitchett, James Fox, Frederick
Frederick, Conrad Fulford
Galloway, George German, John (Jr.)
German, John (Sr.) Gerow, Isaac
Gordonier, Jacob Grass, Michael
Gunter, Conrad Hagerman, John (Sr.)
Hartman, David Hawley, Jeptha
Hawley, Josiah Hendry
Hess, Jacob Hicks, Benjamin
Hicks, Edward (Sr.) Hoffman, Elias
Holcombe,John Hough, Barnabas
Hough, John Huff, Paul
Huffman, Jacob Huffman, Philip
Huyck, John Irish, Peter
Johnson, James Jones, James
Judson, Silas Keller, Frederick
Keller, Johannes Kemp, John (Sr.)
Ketcheson, William Kimmerly, Andrew
Knight, Mahlon Lake, John
Lake, Nicholas Larraway, Isaac
Laughlin, Alexander Lloyd, George Henry
Lott, John Loyst, Johannes Heinrich & Andreas
Lucas, Amos Macaulay
Marsh, Joseph Marsh, Mathias
Marsh, William Maybee, Abraham
McGinnis, Sarah Kast McIlmoyle, John
McKim, James McMasters, James
Mikel, Godlove Miller, Garret
Mitz Morden, Joseph
Mordoff, George Munro
Meyers, John W. Nicholson
Oliver, Frederick Blom Orser
Parks, Cyrenius Parke, Cyrenius
Parke, James Perry, Robert
Peters, John Peterson, Nicholas (Sr.)
Phillips, Elisha Pittman, Russell
Post, Frederick Prindle, Joseph
Prindle, Timothy Pringle, Joel
Pringle, Joseph Pringle, Timothy
Pruyn, Francis Redner, Henry
Reed, William Rickley, Andrew
Roblin, John Roblin, Owen
Roblin, Philip Roblin, Stephen
Rogers, William Rombough, Jacob
Rombough, William Rose, Alexander
Rose, Mathias Ross, Zenas
Rush, Martin Ruttan, Peter
Ruttan, William Ryckman, John
Sager, Adam Staats Sager, John
Sherrard, William Shewman, William
Shibley, John Shorey, David
Shorts, Augustus Shorts, John
Sills, Conrad Simmons, Henry
Simpson, William Slocum, Ebenezer
Smith, Johann Jacob Smith, Samuel
Snetsinger Stoneburgh, Peter
Storms, Jeremiah Stover, Martin
Switzer, Philip Terry, Richard
Thompson, William Trumpour, Paul
Tuttle, John Tuttle, Jonathan
Vanalstine, James VanAlstine, Peter
Van De Bogart, Francis Van Dusen, Conrad
Vankoughnet Wagar, Johannes Eberhart
Wagar, Thomas Walker, Weeden
Wartman, Abraham Wartman, Peter
Washburn, Ebenezer Weegar, Johann
Weese, John Whart, Sr. Welbanks, Thomas
Williams Woodcock, Abraham
Yerex, William Young, John
Young, Henry Zufelt, Henry

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