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Welcome!Here you will find information on our branch, our UEL ancestors, our history, and our area.

Plus, you will find a growing number of links to other UEL and relevant genealogy and history sites (there are many...). And, by going to the Dominion UEL site you can establish web and email contact with many of the other 28 UEL Branches in Canada.

You will find information on how to join our branch and become a member of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. We are always looking for members and prospective members who wish to help with their ideas and efforts. All are welcome to attend our meetings and take part in our various activities.

Please consider attending our June 15th, 2002 Re-enactment of the June 1784 Loyalist Landing at Adolphustown (now the Canadian province of Ontario, then the western part of the British Colony of Quebec). This will be our fourth celebration of United Empire Loyalists' Day in Ontario, marking the 218th anniversary of the U. E. Loyalists' arrival on the Bay of Quinte.

See paintings and pictures and maps in our UEL Landing Gallery page.

Below, you will find links of particular relevance to the Bay of Quinte area, as well as contacts for our branch, meeting information, and a list of our Branch Presidents since our founding in 1956.

To support our activities, we sell Loyalist-era flags and various other Loyalist-related items. Go to our support page to see what we have to offer.

UEL Dominion
Heritage Centre
UEL Heritage Centre
and Park
Lennox & Addington
County Archives

Prince Edward

Join our
Bay of Quinte
2002 Landing

Upcoming Events:

2002 Loyalist Landing Festival
Saturday, June 15th, 2002
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The U.E.L. Heritage Centre and Park at Adolphustown
(formerly Adolphustown U.E. Loyalist Park)

Loyalist Parkway (Hwy. 33), Town of Greater Napanee

Landing re-enactment at 12 noon
~rain or shine~

2002-2003 Bay of Quinte
U.E.L. Branch Executive

Don Diminie
Brian Tackaberry
Russell Sills
Corresponding Secretary
J. Terrance Dorland
Recording Secretary
Mary Mackey
J. Terrance Dorland
Brandt Zatterberg
Newsletter Editor
Brian Tackaberry
Branch Historian
June Dafoe
Mary Mackey
Susan Bergeron Brose
Director, Hastings
Russell Sills
Director, Addington
Cora Reid
Director, Lennox
Brandt Zatterberg
Director, Prince Edward
Edith Cairns
Director, Northumberland
Susan Bergeron Brose
Betty Salsbury
Merle Burns
Chiorrion Storms
Philip Smart

Presidents and their executives serve from
the Branch's Annual General Meeting,
held every Spring at Adolphustown, until the next AGM.
The 2002 AGM was held May 4th, 2002.

Presidents of Bay of Quinte U.E.L. Branch

1956 - E. Claude Young 1957 - Col. Gerald Allison, M.B., M.D.
1958 - Lt. Col. William Davern 1959 - Kay McFarland
1960 - E. John Chard, B.A., M.Ed. 1961 - Maurice Young
1962 - Edith Allison, B.A. 1963 - Mildred Wanamaker
1964 - Vera Allison 1965 - Warner McFaul
1966 - E. Cummings Daverne, B.A. 1967 - C. Loral R. Wanamaker
1968 - Gordon F. Osborne, B.A. 1969 - Maj. Ralph D. Maybee
1970 - Donald Thompson 1971 - Charles F. Young
1972 - Charles F. Young 1973 - Charles F. Young
1974 - Gwendolyn M. Smith 1975 - Gwendolyn M. Smith
1976 - Gwendolyn M. Smith 1977 - Richard M. Daverne
1978 - Richard M. Daverne 1979 - Susan Hogan
1980 - Gwendolyn M. Smith 1981 - Mary M. Mackey
1982 - Mary M. Mackey 1983 - R. Wendell Camm
1984 - R. Wendell Camm 1985 - Evelyn Drew
1986 - Evelyn Drew 1987 - Evelyn Drew
1988 - Russell Sills 1989 - Russell Sills
1990 - Russell Sills 1991 - Russell Sills
1992 - Douglas Crawford 1993 - Douglas Crawford
1994 - Douglas Crawford 1995 - Douglas Crawford
1996 - Douglas Crawford 1997 - Don Diminie
1998 - Don Diminie 1999 - Don Diminie
2000 - Don Diminie 2001 - Don Diminie
2002 - Don Diminie

Branch Objectives

  1. To unite together the descendants of those families who during the Revolution 1775-1783 sacrificed their homes and belongings by retaining their loyalty to the Empire.

  2. To preserve the history and traditions of the Loyalists.

  3. To collect artifacts.

  4. To publish historical and genealogical publications.

  5. To erect, construct and repair buildings, monuments and memorials to perpetuate the memory of the Loyalists.

  6. To seek out and preserve the resting places of Loyalists.

  7. To encourage a stronger emphasis on the study of Canadian history in the school system and particularly the Loyalists.

  8. To promote good fellowship.

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