Decendants Of Michael Bartholemew Misso

Michael Bartholomew Misso married in the Dutch Reformrd Church. Wolvendaal, Colombo,1843, Josephina Wilhelmina La BROOY (1821- 1897), daughter of Magnus Gabriel La Brooy and Justina Elizabeth JANSZ.

Their children were:

Generation 2

(1) Francis Jemima Misso (1846-1925) marriedHenry Alfred Ohlmus. (1840-1875) son of Gabriel Johannes Ohlmus and Merciana Catherine La Brooy.

(2) Francis Hippolyte Misso (1847-1885)

(3) Alice Constance Misso (1849-1936)

(4) Wilfred Henry Misso (1851- ? ) married 1890 at Pettah, Colombo, Jane Winifred Kelaart (1859-1891) daughter of Henry George Gerhardus and Maria Sophia Ledlux. They had one child

Pansy Misso (1891-? )

(5) Agnes Matilda Misso (1852- ?) married 1876. Pierre David Landsberger (1841-1889) son of David William Landsberger and Merciana Van Langenberg.

(6) Lydia Mercy Misso (1853-1874)

(7) Emily Henrietta Misso (1854- 1928) married at Kurunegala 1880, William Oliver Daniels (1853- 1917) Cheif Clerk, Court of Requests. Colombo. Son Of Cornelius Felsianus Daniels and Ellen Amanda Landsberger.

(8) Arthur John Misso (1857-1926)

(9) Maria Selina Misso (1860- ? ) married at Wolvendaal, 1888. Wilfred Harris LOURENSZ (1852- 1930) Son of Arnoldus Henricus Lourensz and Georgina Christiana SCHOKMAN

Arthur John Misso Government Surveyor. Married (a) 1880, in the Dutch Reformed Church. Wolvendaal, Eugenie Lucretia Ohlmus (1858-1889) Daughter of Gabriel Johannes Olhmus and Mercia Catherine La Brooy. (b) In the Methodist Church, Kollupitiya. Colombo, 1896, he married Angelina Marion FOENANDER (1866-1933) widow of Richard De Zilva and daughter of Samuel Peter Foenander and Eliza Anne GARVIN

Generation 3

the children of the first marriage were :

(1) Eugenie Louise Misso (1881-?) married at Galle, 1903. Peter Louis Scharenguivel (1880-1914) Son of Charles Peter Scharenguivel and Evelyn Priscilla Keegel.

(2) Erin Misso... died young.

(3) Arthur Maul Misso (1883-?) married in Singapore, Cecelia Beatrice Louise Keegel (1880-?) daughter of Henry Arnold Keegel, Assistant Colonial Surgeon and Charlotte Matilda Ball.

Gen.4 They had one child, Hester Misso married ...unk.. Anthionisz.

(4) Gertrude Sophia Misso (1885-?)

(5) Hugh Michael Christoper Misso (1887-?)

(6) Eila Adeline Misso (1888-?) married in Colombo, 1924. Reginald John Henry Jansz.

Children of the second marriage were:

(7) Samuel Arthur Misso (1899-?) married at Kollupitiya. 1924, Mabel ARNDT (1904_?) daughter of Arthur Robert T. Arndt and Alice Mabel FELSINGER. issue.

(8) Frederick Hector Misso (1903-?) married at Kurunegalle ,1928. Eileen Ellen Marguerite Misso.

(9) Fredericka Myra Misso (1903-1907)

Hugh Michael Christoper Misso married 1915, St. Mary's Church Bamalapitiya, Elaine Juliet MELLONIUS (1888-?) daughter of John Vincent Mellonius and Selina Barbera FERNANDO.

Their children were:

Generation 4

(1) Arthur Douglas Kitchener Misso (1915- 1919)

(2) Gwendoline Carmine Verna Misso (1919-?)

(3) Dorothy Elaine Misso ( 1921-?)

(4) Therese Christobel Misso (1923-?)

(5) Hugh Michael Christopher Misso (1925_?)

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