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Here are the people who won my award:

For August: (I just started to give them out)

Acciny and the Fur Kids!

This page is a must see for everybody. It focuses on cruelty to animals. It is very interesting and touching. A page that shows every little bit that you give to the animal world would help. Just a very nice page to visit!

The Sheltland Sheepdog Homepage!

This page has very useful info on those adorable shelties! Great page for sheltie owners with info on training, obedience, and lots more!

Christy's Critter and Conservation Corner!

This page is like mine, with info on other animals of the world, tips on conservation, animal trivia and much more! Also, this is the home of the RainForest Ring.

Pugnacious Pete's Home Page!

All about a little pug called Pugnacious Pete, or pete for short. The little pup was from a puppy mill and there is also info on the death traps. Very inspiring which makes you think of getting a dog from a reputable breeder instead of a pet store.

Pug Connection!

This page is the home page for a NJ-based "fun" club for pug owners. Through the activities at our meetings we seek to promote responsible pet ownership and increase the knowledge of our members concerning these wonderful dogs.

Truebliss Pekingese!

The home of a Pekinese, online chats, obedience, links to other peke links and much more! You must visit these darling pups!


The Gable's Raccoon Pages!

This page is about raccoon and wildlife rescue, and includes some of the most touching and amusing personal rescue experiences as well as invaluable resources and links.

Pugsley's Pug Page!

This page is about a pug named Pugsley and other pugs around the world. This page has info on spaying and neutering and much more.

Doug Henry's Home Page!

This page has info on 3 dogs and pictures (in a humorous manner). There is also info on dogs and much more, so if you want a laugh, go to this homepage!

Penny's Pet Page!

This site is for getting the message out about animals. It's very informative about love for our friends with lots of info and much more! A must see site!

Maudoc Birding!

This is DEFINATELY a must see site! It's about different species of birds with pictures, stamps, links, animations, and anything else to do with birds! Great layout, incredible graphics, interesting content, and much more! Please visit this site! It's worth the time!

Paws R Us!

This page is about a dog and 4 cats who hate animal abuse, and much more with pages of info with the selfish act. Also, humorous and very interesting to visit!

The Last Refuge!

This page is mainly about horses getting sent to a rescue farm since they were abused and neglected. Very touching and useful info on animal abuse.

Charolette and Comet Inc.

This page is a must see! It deals with a 12 year old girl and her dog that has been abused. There's also info on horses, and a web ring. Please visit this site! I'll know you'll enjoy it!

Cyberpet Humane Society!

This page is about neglected cyber pets that need to be adopted and loved. Go to this page and you'll see a variety of animals that need love, care and attention.

Animals and Endangered Species!

This page is sort of like mine, about different animals of the world. Very interesting and nice layout. Please visit this page!


June's Jungle!

This page is very beautiful, talking about the jungle and its animals. A must see for everyone, and about wild cats and other fauna. Nice graphics too!

Dichele's Kitties!

About animal abuse and a brave little cat that has a loving home and is recovering from the animal abuse. Please visit this page for useful info about stopping animal cruelty!

Brett's Homepage!

This touching homepage is about a blind labrador retriever that still has hope inside him to live and how a loving person brought him to her home from putting him to sleep. A must see for everybody and very sad.

Emmy's Veggie Page!

This page talks about vegetarianism and other things about being a non-meat eater. Read the article about teen vegetarianism and the one about McDonalds! It's totally disgusting! I almost threw up! Please visit this page and read the horror story behind the money-stealing company!

Humpback Whales of Hervey Bay!

All about humpback whales and feeding, breeding, migration, and much more! I love the layout and there's tons of information! Please go to this page! I know you won't be disappointed!

Books on Big Cats!

This page is about book on cats and their lives in training, obidience, and much more. There are contests also, and you can win some books on the big cats!

The Canadian Ark!

All about saving animals in Canada. There is info on the different endangered animals in Canada and links to web sites that are trying to preserve the environment. Very informative, with a list of extinct, endangered, threatened, vulnerable, and other animals that are need of help.

The Dal Pals Homepage!

This page is a must see for people who want a dog in their household. Dalmations may look cute and obidient in the 101 Dalmations movie, but they are actually stubborn and maybe a little violent. People are getting them without realizing what they are really like. Please visit this site to see if a dalmation is really for you!


Maccabee and Levi's Cathouse!

This page is about 2 darling cats and how they were from the streets. A great page to see with photos and other stuff about cats.


All about marine animals. This page may be small, but it has a lot to say. Pictures of dolphins and much more.


and after my computer breakdown...

Lazyfox's Spot!

All about foxes! (of course...) Aesop's fables about the fox and the grapes, other stories about the fascinating animal, fox pictures and much more!

House of Ular - Snake and Reptile breeders!

House of Ular is a breeding fascility of reptiles for the pet industry. In this site there is not only the animals available but also detailed care sheets to help you care for the herps properly. If you have a reptile as a pet, this site is for you!

Animal Adoption Center of Garland!

This page is about a no-kill shelter and someone who made a homepage about it to take positive actions and to show their grief because of their lost pet Mojave. This page is owned by two dogs named Skye and Shadown and it shows that people like you and me can actually make a difference in the world. This page is a must see, and it's one of my favourites!

Tina's Animal Pages!

Lots of pages with info on dogs, cats, and my favorite section, humpback whale and wolf adoption pages! Very heartwarming and a must see!

Amy's Cat Collage!

All about cats! Cat associations, cat graphics, cat links, cat merchandise, cat health care, and anything else that you can think of about cats! A cat lover's home away from home!

Michelle's Guinea Pig Page!

Guinea pigs galore! Info on these adorable creatures plus links, pictures and much more! If you are looking for a small pet, this page is for you!

Lady Scorpio's Wolf Page!

A beautiful wolf haven with beautiful pictures, fascinating links and interesting facts. A great homepage for animal lovers!

Four Legs And A Tale!

All about a beautiful horse named Stormy and his friends. Lots of graphics and info on Star and Taz the dogs, Hunter the cat, Barney and Bill the Percheron draft horses and 16 chickens. Also, poems and links about barn yard animals. You wouldn't want to miss this homepage!

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