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Every now and then, I see fabulous pages about animals that deserve awards. They are very creative, have good content, and are just plain fun! That's why I decided to give awards to the great pages that are dedicated to wildlife. You can win one too, by following the rules:
Your page should have or be:

Creative, as in your own ideas
good to look at with nice use of graphics and color
Working internal links
Nice layout
Good use of frames, but you don't need frames
Friendly for all ages to view
Something to do with animals or pets (sometimes with an exception, if the site's totally fantastic)
A nice place to go to

Your site shouldn't have or be:

Hard to navigate through
Negitive things on religion and race
Nothing to do with sex, nudity, pornography and other adult content
No explicit language, as in no swearing and cuss words
Bad use of frames and color, or can't see the words
No violence at any degree allowed
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH VIOLENCE ON ANIMALS, as in burning them, not as in telling the world to stop the cruelty.

If your homepage meets the requirements above, you can fill out the submission form at the bottom below. Or you can see who won my awards on my Winners List for 1997 or 1998. Here are the awards you can choose from:

If you win my award, the code will me sent to you. Please don't take them without permission. There are ways to find out. If you want to apply for the award, fill the following form, or you can e-mail me.

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

Your Homepage Title

Your Homepage URL

How did you find me:

If OTHER, please specify:

Give me a description about this page:

Why I (or this person) deserve(s) this award:

Sorry for the inconvenience, the form does not work at the moment. I will fix the form soon where you can press the button below and it will send. For the moment, please send your requests for my award to here.

If you win the award, I'll contact you as soon as I can and I'll send you the fragment. If you don't, I'll try to tell you what you can improve on, but I might not have enough time since I get a lot of mail and won't have time to answer your questions. But you can submit your site again if you wish.

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