Winners for 1998

I've decided to just put down the name of the page without the description, since it takes too long to load, and the page becomes quite long, so I'll just put the pages according to month when I get the nomination. Please enjoy all the pages! And if you have your own page to submit for this award, go to my No Cruelty To Animals Award page for details!


  • For Love of Cats
  • Marcel's Homepage
  • Professor Hunt's Dog Page
  • The DormAnt VolcaNo
  • Zazu's Forest
  • Katie-Lynn's Home Page
  • Cheryl's World


  • Animal Planet
    Whoops... Had too much homework...


  • Jellofish's Home Page
  • Tabatha Zettler's Homepage
  • The St. Louis Animal Homepage
  • Windwood Acres
  • Fish Tails
  • Ben's Place
  • Winding Path
  • Crystalfox's Den
  • Twilight's Animal Rights Haven
  • Daisy's Forest


  • Come visit LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH with Golden Retrievers
  • Nature Photo Site

    Ah, forget about the month thing

  • At Whit's End
  • Aussie Cat Page
  • Energetic Ecological Environmental Kids!
  • Senior Canine Rescue Society
  • IGHA/HorseAid Equine Rescue
  • Meg's Place
  • Cozy Canine House
  • Mony's Place
  • For The Love of Animals
  • Weezie's World
  • Purrfect-tiger
  • Donna's Cougar Page
  • Mandy's Chinchilla Planet
  • The Sharks Pool
  • Animal Moments
  • Sherry's Place
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