I have started to make web sets.I have not made a lot of them yet, if you would like to see the ones I have made please click Blazers Sets
to view them. And there is info there on how you can use them on your own web sites if you see any you like. Please book mark the site I will be makeing more sets and adding them all the time. And after a bit of time makeing them, I will start makeing personal ones for people. Hope you enjoy your vist.

Merry Meet. Welcome to Blazer's Magickal Lair. I am Blazer and I am a very Eclectic Pagan, I follow a path of my own closest to Wicca. I am married to a wonderful man, Raven I love you. You can find out more about Raven by going to my links page and clicking on his links there, and by visting my BOS and reading Ravenism, and some of his stories are listed there.
We have two wonderful childern. A son and a daughter, I have pics. of them on my family pics. page. But I need to update it with more resent pics. 

I want your ideas and thoughts to help this site grow. I don't want this site just to be my thoughts and ideas. I want this site to be a place  that can  help all. Not just Wiccans or Pagans alone, but for us all to come together and help each other. So please tell me what you think and what you would like to see on this site. And if it is helpful, and respectful I will post it and give you proper credit .

While here try to be open minded, remeber that there are many different paths. And you might see things you don't understand or agree with. But others might feel that way about your beliefs. So please be kind, and respectful to all. Thank you. Merry Part till we meet again Blessed be. ~Blazer

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