Animal Rights Organizations

  • PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)-- A great site with tons of info...visit it.

  • AAVS (American Anti-Vivisection Society)-- good site with good info.

  • Animal Liberation Frontline Info Service-- great site.

  • Youth for Animal Liberation-- A student animal rights group in Florida.

  • Farm Sanctuary-- A really cool sactuary for rescued farm animals, nice site too.

  • No Compromise-- greaaaat.

  • AWA (Animal Watch Australia)-- excellent group & nice site.

  • Ark Online -- cool.

    Vegetarian is Better, Vegan is Best

  • Veggies Unite! Recipe Directory-- definitely the best site for vegan recipes

  • McSpotlight-- the nasty truth is revealed

  • yahoo vegan recipes

  • Vegetarian Pages-- really cool & reallllllly big site

  • Vegan Action-- great organization, great site

    Useful AR Info

  • ARRS (Animal Rights Resource Sight)-- most definitely the best place for AR info

  • yahoo animal rights

  • The Soyblock Collective-- Veganism & AR, as well as human rights, anarchy,...

  • Do Not Mate With Gentle Vegetarians-- not quite sure how useful this is, but it's funny...

    Personal Pages

  • Gandhipaard This is my good friend, Sebastiaan's page. Check it out.

  • Animal Liberation Magnus's page; Swedish & English.

  • The Vegan House Homepage-- vegan kids in a house

  • Anita's Animal Rights Page

  • Animal Rights Labels-- labels with AR messages for your mail (& other handy places)

  • Tasha's Page

  • Brookie's Homepage for a Cruelty-Free Future!

  • M@dcow's Vegan Page Miles's page

  • Stop Animal Cruelty

  • Kerry's Vegan Page

  • Humans and Other Animals

  • Ethics and Animals

  • Vegan World

  • Hidden Tongue-- very nifty site, worth a visit.

  • Shannon's Page


  • Pangea catalogue-- comany in Maryland, neat vegan stuff

  • vegan mall-- sites with veg products

  • Vegetarian Shoes-- English comapny that has really cool shoes

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