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November: 62,286.52
December: 49,136.25
January: 49,432.04
February: 36,367.65
**March: 199,997.99
April: 123,690.62
May: 122,036.21
June: 45,910.58
July: 42,671.35
August: 40,083.79
September: 56,263.11
October: 79,829.42

(to the left are number of accounts that our customers hacked from US only - approx 600,000 in the last 12 months to September 2007.)

Big Email provider Firms Have Lost Their Iron Grip! They no longer control the masses - you have the right to know everything, they no longer control YOU.

...Because this incredible software has empowered the average person, any person, including take command and control of any email including your boy friend, husband, wife, spouse, kids and friends with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Imagine this 'secret weapon' at your fingertips letting YOU crack any password to Yahoo,MSN, AOL, Hotmail etc much quicker than any other way! and whats more THIS IS NOT A PHISHING SCAM that is bound to fail. remember with this software there is no files to send to your target and it is 100% legal GUARANTEED!

This Secret Weapon Is The Missing Link!

Perhaps the skeptic in you is violently protesting...

Bruce cut the crap. There's no way i can hack into yahoo email or any other thats just impossible!

I feel ya.

It seems like only yesterday when I felt like throwing in the towel because i just wouldn't get password to any account no matter how much harder I tried!

Trying Is NOT The Answer...

I've walked a mile in your shoes before, so I know exactly how downright frustrating it is to 'try' and keep 'trying'.

FACT: I was finally able to discover a secret that really worked...!

  No need to send files to the target computer
  No access or physical contact required to victims computer
  Do it all from your computer, FULLY UNTRACEABLE
  All you need is the email address, and our software will do the rest !!

... Think about it...

Having all the passwords to any email you wanted that could be your partner, teacher, friend or lets say enemy. allows you to read all the email they send or recieve.

You'll know what they are doing online, who to trust... and you'll be able to discover every dirty little secrets that your friends hide from you without having to access their computer...

Unfortunately, hacking email passwords is probably one of the BIGGEST frustrations most internet users have...they just need a password to see what their partner is doing but have no way to find their password... scammers out there earn thousands and run away. however you are at safe place if you need proofs contact us and clear your doubts.

As you can see screenshot above we hacked into this email and thousands of more to prove that our software really work. contact us to see more screenshot proofs.

Sounds too good to be true? Confused?

Don't be... all will be explained in just a moment... but first we would like to show you some proof of the hack password V2.0 Magic...

You see, I've shown a few other lucky 'hackers' exactly how I do this... with amazing results...

Ever wonder what the password could be? Ever wonder what your husband is doing up late all night? Is your girlfriend always online, but has no logical explanation as to what she is doing? Are your kids doing something online without your knowledge?

Internet Relationship

The reality today is that the computer has become an integrated part of most people’s life. We use them for work, play, shopping and when researching something like the possibility of hire a private investigator. The same is true for cheaters. They send e-mail to the “other” person, they look at websites about sexual performance, weight loss, infidelity, how not to get caught, etc. etc. In a growing number of cases, people are meeting and developing relationships on-line.

They are in chat rooms having on-line conversations, posting messages to discussion bulletin boards and visiting web sites to meet people. Frequently these relationships grow from a cyber-affair into a real world relationship. These can grow into regular e-mailing and instant messaging about how they feel toward one another and what they are up to.

Accordingly, hack password can help you find if your partner is involved in such activities online. choice is yours...!

Victim #1:

Too many of our clients consult with us and state their disbelief that their loved one would be trolling for sex on the internet or having an on-line affair.

This lady from USA emailed us "I think that my boyfriend is cheating on me. I dont know what to do because suddenly he stopped calling me as much as he used to, and didn't tell me he loved me as much. ... ,

She decided to ask us for help… she purchased our software and found out the truth.

To all those folks out there who are still on the wall unable to make that leapof faith and trust them with your mney, please do not hesistate. i purchased this software and i am still hacking emails every day its getting boring.

I don't know what to say... I'm absolutely FLOORED. After about a week I became very skeptical. "OK, this guy's just making fake sales and collecting cash..." I e-mailed them asking if this was the case, they kindly responded "no". I was still skeptical, thinking, "OK, maybe he has some program that can do that, but can it really get passwords?"I paid; it is not a lot of money in the end. The password even made me skeptical, it was so simple. Certainly it's possible, I'm shocked from my doubt. This software is the real thing. I'm still in shock.Thanks man, I can't thank you enough. My heart can breathe a little better, now. (Sorry it's so long, lol)

Note: I never stop telling people around me to purchase this magnificent
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Exceptionally quick response time in answering my quires.
I didn't expect to receive your responses as quickly as I did, but that has probably something to do with the level of service (poor) received in dealings with the support centres of other companies that I have had to deal with in the past.
Your company should pride itself. It was and will be a constant pleasure doing business with Hack Passwords and I will strongly recommend your company to family, friends and bushiness associates alike should the need arise.
Thank You once again.

Note: Due to the nature of our software / services, many customers request we do not post their name.

Don't trust anyone talking to your kids online! Learn how to hack passwords, find out what you always wanted to know, and learn how to hack while doing it! Our software comes with step-by-step instructions on the CD-Rom, and tech support is standing by to help you or answer any questions you may have.

Who would have ever thought getting any email password would be this easy!

Hey Wait a minute you mean you actually get current password to any email?

YUP, That's right this software actually get the original password, this is the password the user uses on a daily basis to access their email, and possibly other accounts such as emails, messengers, and other accounts.

The Solution To Your Problem...Hack Passwords V2.0

By purchasing this products you will receive updates at no additional cost! This product works, and we stand behind it 100%! This product will get you the password to ANY email address excluding .gov, and .edu email addresses.

So what have I got now then?

Get AOL passwords, Yahoo passwords, Hotmail passwords, and the list goes on and on forever, because it can hack ANY password. We are so confident about this product, that we will help you all the way through with our live technical support that comes with this product.

Competitors are selling text, manuals and files- none of that works! This does...

Take a look at one of my Joint Venture accounts to see just how far I've come since escaping my 9-5 hell:

The Incredible Results Thousands Of Our Customers Are Getting Can't Be Wrong...this software gets you,

AOL passwords
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Good, because now I think we can work together... and it's time for me to show you exactly what this will entail...

Victim #2:

The below screenshot shows income for just a 5 month period… Very impressive indeed! In fact, this guy understood my system so well that he overtook my earnings for a while… but not for long… (I will tell you all about this method in just a moment...)

Look, here’s another hacked account. Remember, this is not mine – this is someone that I’ve hacked … and this could so easily be someone you want...

If you look at the screenshot above you can see this account is from AOL –

Total AOL accounts hacked by our software: 128,841.65




Trojan: Trojan Horses normally requires you to send a file to the computer.

Brute Force: Brute Force tools normally go through a dictionary to crack the password

Greeting Card: Greeting Cards are normally deleted and/or ignored, its also obviously fake.


Supercharged Features!

  This is SOFTWARE, not files or manuals like competitors, or "how to" files. - Everything you need to get your new system up and running is laid out for you, in step-by-step guides... All you need to do is follow the system... or use the 24/7 support center for any questions that you may have. Whether you're a Computer expert or just a beginner (like I was), you'll be hacking passwords in no time at all...
  SOFTWARE- that will get the password you desire, instantly. Once you've set up your system... you can sit back and relax... because Hack Passwords V2.0 will do all the hard work for you...
  Do it all from your computer, FULLY UNTRACEABLE-Hack Passwords system can be operated from the comfort of your own home... or even from a laptop! All you need is a computer with internet connection and email address of your target e.g
  Unlimited Emails, no limit to the amount of emails you can hack.

So User-friendly Even An 11 Year Old Kid Can Use It...

While Hack Passwords is the most user friendly hacking Software on the planet, I know some get scared when they hear the words "email password hacking" and "software" in the same sentence :-)

We have included a guide book This guide will literally take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to use our email password hacking software.

Our guide cuts right to the chase, down to the nitty gritty core. It is Not 1000 pages long of blah blah blah of technical jargon or crap and fluff.


Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Hacking Software Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria!

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. We want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

One: It must be hands free. We have more important things in life to do, like going to the gym and fishing. :-)

Two: You MUST be able to hack any password to any email not just AOL or Gmail.

Three: It must comply with "Don't Make Me Think". We have more than enough things in life to think about than to scratch our heads over a poorly written manual that is stuffed with jargon, grammatical errors and fluff.

Four: It should be a one time investment.

Five: It must be able to pay for itself. Preferably within a few hours of purchase.

Six: It must work.

* Important Disclaimer: Because of the powerful hacking capabilities found in Hack Passwords, We are obligated to tell you that using Hack Passwords in any unethical way to cause deliberate harm to an email is strictly prohibited. This software is 100% legal to use if you do not perform malicious activities with it. By purchasing, you agree to follow these guidelines.

USE OUR SOFTWARE! Tired of paying hundreds every time you need a password? And after all that hassle the password is changed? Our software will get you the current password, time after time, when you need it !

below is another hacked account ' this should not be taken lightly – this is serious stuff!

Did you know? Our staff consists of multiple programmers that update our software on a daily basis to ensure that our software can get you the password without any trouble.

And we recently started a new project – you can see the “account below ”... our members hacked 2,401.47 yahoo accounts in just 14 days... !

"For FREE If You Choose..."

You see, We are so sure of the increased performance this incredible tool brings to any one that We are willing to put the entire risk on our shoulders... you can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. And if it does, you'll get your money back and that will be it.

And this guarantee is valid for a full 8 weeks! Go ahead and Order Hack PasswordsTM 2.0 today



It's so easy, it's almost criminal...

Let me put it this way enter your target email click on 'hack' and get the password.

Look at it this way -- $299USD is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on Hack Passwords 2.0 and start using it right away to improve your online lifestyle!

Below is a screenshot of account of we hacked and now you can hack any account just like the one below using our software.

And remember, these are just few of hacked accounts... screenshot and we have many more of these...

Anonymous Break Out!

"Of course I was skeptical prior to doing this. I didn't know if I could trust it or if it would get me password to the e-mail I was trying to find. But it really works and I believe that they'll maintain my confidentiality. If you still don't believe just give them a chance. The cost is not very steep and the piece of mind is well worth it to me. If you really need to know like I did, this is your oppurtunity"

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Signed, One Happy Buckeye"

"I am so happy with the software , and it is very easy to use for first time user that I will recommend it to any body I recovered my password within minuets it is better than Microsoft help system, and the micky mouse softwares from the market For the small price congratulations and keep it up with the top quality software. very truly Jorge A emestica."

The first book to unlock the true power behind Hotmail Yahoo aol and gmail, Hacking web based email services will immediately appeal to Google and Email fans
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And much, much more...

Hack Any Web Based Email
Unlimited Emails, no limit to the amount of emails you can hack. 
No access or physical contact required to victims computer  
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Unlimited Emails, no limit to the amount of emails you can hack

Lifetime Cd / Support License Key once purchased

All you need is the email address, and our software will do the rest !!

Do it all from your computer, FULLY UNTRACEABLE

No access or physical contact required to victims computer

No need to send files to the target computer

SOFTWARE- that will get the password you desire, instantly

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... We are also going to give you access to The Team...

FULL Support, Help and Assistance: - to get you up and running as fast as possible - all e-mails will be personally responded to by either myself or one of our staff member.

You will get answers and assistance... and also access to our support forum and team who will assist you with any questions that you may have...

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FAST ACTION Bonus 1: Email Password cracking may be lame for the Internet Security people. Hack Passwords™ have the ultimate collection (UNDERGROUND) of source-codes NOT AVAILABLE PREVIOUSLY. Right from the top virus collections, to Trojans build and used by the underground networks, are not been detected by most anti-virus programs. Value Of $99.95 USD each CD of the total 12 CD. Buy Our hack passwords software and you can download the whole CD instantly. Online Support 24/7.

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This software is easy to use just like all of our software, and is available in limited quantities. Hack MySpace Passwords now! Hacking MySpace Passwords was never so easy! Get it now before it is removed from our bonus list. Value of this product is $299 on its own but you get it free with hack passwords software.

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Our 8-Week RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee...

"You can take a full 8 Weeks to check out The Hack Passwords V2.0 . If you cannot hack any email, then we will refund all of your money.

Because we have such faith in our system and its insane password hacking potential we are assuming all of the risk… so that YOU have plenty of time to put your own system into action and change your life forever.

In the incredibly unlikely event that you DON’T hack any password using our software (in which case, you’ve probably been cursed) you will receive all of your money back.

You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE... Freedom from the 'Rat Race' awaits you... It's up to you!

Yes , Get Me HP2!

Send me 'Hack Passwords', showing me how to do this...

Send me 'The Tools', hacking book that will guide me to use your system

Give me access to 'The Team' for help, support and advice...

I understand there's no risk for me AT ALL. I have a full 56 Days to test out the system... and if I don’t like it for any reason, I can simply get ALL my money back and still keep everything.

Let's start hacking emails RIGHT NOW...

What It Could Cost You If You Don't Get Hack Passwords!

Is your spouse cheating with someone? Do you know who they are? Where and when has your spouse been cheating? How long has their lover has been in the picture? Looking to find out more on YOUR spouse cheating online?

All these questions will not be answered and you will spend sleepless nights lying awake waiting for your spouse to come home. unable to stop wondering where your spouse could be, who they could be with and what intimate things they might be doing to cheat on you. Hack Thier passwords and get to know every move they make this is your chance and it might be your last!

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P.S. This truly is a limited time offer. And $149 is the absolute lowest we will be offering it for. You may very well return tomorrow to find that the price of the program has returned to its original cost of $1197. If you come back and find that the price has increased, please do not email us to ask for the sale price. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

P.P.S Also... if you have any questions about the program, you can always contact us directly.