Howdy. My name is Jess Nevins, and this is the start page for my complex of Web pages.

I have a number of interests, many reflected on the pages and sites listed below and reachable via the pages and sites below

I am interested in pop culture, among other things, and have gone a good way towards making myself a knowledgeable in the field. I've tried to make myself something of a scholar in the history of comic books, for one. I've written a history of Timely Comics, the predecessor to Marvel Comics, which you can find at The Timely Comics Web Page. I have also written a set of essays on Timely Comics characters, many of which were not particularly well-crafted or depicted but which nonetheless had some elements of interest to them. Some of them were actually surprisingly well-done, and I've tried to make my essays interesting to read even when the original stories were not. You can read my essays at my Timely Comics Essays and Miscellanea page.

I have written annotations and notes on various comic books, which isn't quite so scholarly an approach but which has required a knowledge of various fields, from comic books to more academically respectable things. My annotations, and some other sites of interest, are on my Annotations page.

I've spent a good number of years (since 1993, in fact) assembling a set of bookmarks to Web sites that I find useful in my pursuits. I've annotated them, as any good librarian would, and put them on the Web, where I can find them whenever I want and where others can also make use of them. I have several hundred bookmarks annotated and am adding more every day, although I update the sites only every few months. (I do have a life outside the Web, after all) You can see my bookmarks at my Annotated Web Sites site.

I've been collecting quotes for some time. (Why be witty and original when you can take advantage of what someone wittier and cleverer previously said?) I've put some of these quotes on the Web, which you can find on my Quotes Site.

Finally, like any good bibliophile and pop culture scholar of the 21st century I've begun to make e-texts of various print sources that I have or have access to but which are rare and unavailable in real life. I only have two e-text sites done so far, but plan on providing more in the future. I think they're of interest, so why not check them out at my E-texts Site.

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