There are, of course, any number of sites on the Web that provide e-texts. Project Gutenburg and the Etext Archives are two of the best-known, but there are three or four dozen others. (I have links to several of them on my Literature bookmarks page) And more and more in the years since the Web started individuals have begun to put e-texts on their own sites. Some of these e-texts are scholarly, but others, like Marcus Rowlands' Forgotten Futures site, have been of Victorian and Edwardian science fiction, which happens to be one of my interests, as well.

So I've begun to get into the act, too. I only have two works e-texted right now, but I plan to add more in the future.

The first work is The Song Book of Quong Lee, by Thomas Burke. Burke is an underrated and unjustly forgotten writer of the first few decades of the 20th century, and I happen to think enough of his work to have gone to the trouble of transcribing it myself. Please do read the poems; they are quite good.

The second work is actually two issues of the notoriously rare German dime novel Der Luftpirat und sein Lenkbares Luftschiff, aka Captain Mors. I have put up a Captain Mors site and e-texted two of his issues, with the promise of more issues to come.

As the months and years go by and time permits, I will be e-texting other obscure and hard-to-find books. The first one I plan to do will be the obscure but quite interesting Victorian sf extravaganza Zalma, by T. Mullett Ellis; a preview can be found on my Victoriana site. Other books will appear when I acquire them and have the time to post them.

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