Fan Art!
"Eeep! My hips are NOT that big!!"
Aaah...this is the fun part of my little site, as a lot of my drawings are humour based, and are mostly Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon-related. Most of my images are of that lil cutie Sailor Iron Mouse (After all, this is what this place is about, ne?) But there will be artwork featuring other characters, as I simply have no other place to put them.
You may notice that some of my artwork looks WAAAAY better than others. Keep in mind that art is something I do a lot, so I'm bound to improve with time. In fact, some of the stuff up here is so embarrassing, I can't even look at it anymore! Well, there's nothing left for me to say, but enjoy the pictures! Oh, and steal any, and I'll bust your lip open! A simple email to is all it takes. ^_^ Have fun.

The earliest and worst of all my galleries. Crudely drawn and often incorrect, with the occasional decent piece.

Much like the first gallery, with some improvements towards the end. This gallery is very heavy on Mouse images.

Getting better, but the colouring and some of the lines are quite clumisly handled.

Again, some improvements in form, with a turning towards full-page pieces instead of small drawings. I finally learned to use some of my art materials properly in this gallery. ^_^

Still a little creaky, but getting better! Finally- proper use of tone seeps into my work.

My current gallery. Not what I would call all that n' a bag o' chips, but it's better than the last gallery. This gallery is the first Iron Mouse Only (With some related exceptions) Gallery at Mouse Mania. Anything non realted will be put on my new art site, coming soon.

Gallery 7
Two years, seven galleries. Mostly CG stuff here, and it covers quite a long time span. (Haa, I didn't draw. :P)

A section featuring my miscellaneous (And often very badly drawn) fan comics. Expect stange, strange stuff.

(all characters belong to their creators. The images themselves are copyright of me, though. :P

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