The band:  

-  Jovan Ilic - vocal & harp

 - Vladan Stanosevic - guitar

 - Ivan Stanosevic - guitar

 - Darko Golic - accoustic bass

 - Blagoje Nedeljkovic - drums





            One of the most persistent rhythm and blues bands was formed in 1982. The leader of the group, Jovan Ilic, had performed for years with numerous bands in his native town of Sabac, as well as Belgrade. With the creation of the band, called “Raw Hide”, he started to explore both traditional and contemporary aspects of the blues. After frequent changes of the musicians, the band finally settled down as: Jovan Ilic (vocal, harp), Vladan Stanosevic (guitar), Ivan Stanosevic (guitar), Darko Golic (accoustic bass) and Blagoje Nedeljkovic (drums). At the beginning they played only standards, but in time they have built up a lot of their own compositions.

            Their first single “All night long” was released in 1987 and contained four compositions of their own. At the time the band often played in ex Yugoslav republics, which contributed to the quality of their performance.

            In June 1988 they performed at Belgrade Blues Days Festival, where they accompanied Todor Todorovic and Louisiana Red. In August they played at the blues festival in the Italian town of Gorizza, and in November they played with Johnny Mars and Mick Waller at the Nineteenth Belgrade Jazz Festival. In September 1989 they took part at the Lehrte Blues Festival in Germany. In June 1991 they performed again with Louisiana Red at the Summertime Jazz and Blues Festival in Belgrade. At the time they released their second single “No Place to Go”, with four rhythm and blues standards. In January 1992 they accompanied Dave Kelly in his Yugoslav tour. In August of the same year they took part at two blues festival in Hungary, in Budapest and Tatabanja. At the end of the year they were present at the first blues festival in Thessalonica; afterwards they accompanied Ronald Abrams in his tour round Yugoslavia. In May 1993 they performed at Blues Napok Festival in Seged.

            In early 1994 were among performers in the compilation “Belgrade the Blues Today Vol. 1” (PGP RTS). In the same year they released their first CD “Hugger Mugger” in their own production, having as guest the pianist Vlada Maricic, and Ivana Pavlovic and Neda Markovic as vocals. Besides standards, the CD contains original compositions of Jovan Ilic.

            In July 1994 they played at two-day open air festival in the Vojvodina village of Ada, and in November at the First Jazz Festival in Sabac. In February 1995 they were present at the Blues festival in Thessalonica, and in July they played with Magic Slim at the Summertime Jazz and Blues Festival in Belgrade. In November 1996 they played at the Belgrade Marsoni Blues Festival with Gary Sloan. During Sloan’s stay in Belgrade they made their second CD “Gypsy Moon”, which came out in early 1997. Gary Sloan sang back vocals, played the harp and produced the whole material. In the Jovan Ilic’s theme “Doin’ My Thing”, Sloan has the role of the lead singer who tells his story about the sojourn in Belgrade and work with Raw Hide. The guitar player Ivan Stanosevic also took part as a guest in the recording of the CD.

            During its career the group Raw Hide has built up an image of a club band; besides taking part in festivals, they regularly play in clubs. Moreover, they are recurrent  participants at jazz and blues festivals in Serbia.