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     We love our authors - and we love to ask them lots and lots of questions. How did you get started writing? Which of your heroes is your favorite? What is your next book about - and WHEN is it coming out? How do you feel about pesky fans who pester you with lots and lots of questions? And, of course, our favorite question ... What is Cherif (substitute Rob, John, Steve, or Mike here if you wish) REALLY like?????

     Each month in "Simply Romance", the RBL Romantica online newsletter, we publish interviews with our favorite authors. This page is set up as an index to all of these interviews. The authors are listed below in alphabetical order, with the dates of the interviews under their names. So, if you missed it the first time around, or if you just want to read it again, simply point ... click ... sit back ... and enjoy!

RBL Presents Shana Abe'

May 2004

Spotlight on Cherry Adair

March 2001

Spotlight on Michele Albert
(AKA Michelle Jerott)

October 1999

RBL Presents Susan Andersen

June 1999

RBL Presents Catherine Anderson

December 2002

"KETCHUP" - February 2005

RBL Presents Jennifer Ashley

June 2004

RBL Presents Adele Ashworth

November 2000

RBL Presents Mary Balogh

September 2001

"KETCHUP" - November 2005

RBL Presents Nina Bangs

September 2003

RBL Presents Jill Barnett

August 2001

Spotlight on C.J. Barry

April 2004

"KETCHUP" - June 2005

RBL Presents Carole Bellacera

November 2001

RBL Presents Patti Berg

January 2000

Spotlight on Heidi Betts

July 2000

RBL Presents Jo Beverley

August 1999

RBL Presents Celeste Bradley

November 2005

RBL Presents Fiona Brand

March 2003

Spotlight on Terri Brisbin

November 1999

RBL Presents Suzanne Brockmann

April 2001

"KETCHUP" - July 2003

Ketchup "KETCHUP" - July 2005

RBL Presents Connie Brockway

November 2004

Spotlight on Nicole Burnham

May 2003

Spotlight on Lisa Cach

October 2000

RBL Presents Stella Cameron

May 1999

"KETCHUP" - December 2004

RBL Presents Marsha Canham

March 1999

"KETCHUP" - March 2003

Spotlight on Liz Carlyle

June 2000

"KETCHUP" - May 2003

RBL Presents Tori Carrington

November 2003

RBL Presents Janet Chapman

April 2004

RBL Presents Loretta Chase

March 2005

Spotlight on Cherif!

February 2000

Spotlight on Pamela Clare

April 2003

"KETCHUP" - March 2005

Special Feature - September 2005

Spotlight on Cindy Cruciger

September 2005

RBL Presents Jennifer Crusie

August 2002

Spotlight on Jacquie D'Alessandro

December 1999

"KETCHUP" - September 2005

RBL Presents MaryJanice Davidson

September 2004

RBL Presents Dee Davis

September 2006

RBL Presents Justine Davis
(AKA Justine Dare)

October 2002

RBL Presents Christina Dodd

October 2001

Spotlight on Diana Duncan

August 2005

RBL Presents Kathleen Eagle

October 1999

RBL Presents Suzanne Enoch

April 2003

Spotlight on Christine Feehan

January 2000

"KETCHUP" - March 2006

RBL Presents Ellen Fisher

December 2005

Spotlight on Tracy Fobes

September 1999

RBL Presents Gaelen Foley

July 2006

RBL Presents Lori Foster

January 2001

RBL Presents Barbara Freethy

June 2002

RBL Presents Dorothy Garlock

April 2005

RBL Presents Julie Garwood

February 2003

RBL Presents Roberta Gellis

April 2000

Spotlight on Rachel Gibson

March 2000

"KETCHUP" - April 2003

RBL Presents Jo Goodman

May 2000

"KETCHUP" - October 2003

Spotlight on Sue Grant

December 2000

RBL Presents Leigh Greenwood

March 2004

RBL Presents Laurell K. Hamilton

January 2003

"KETCHUP" - April 2005

RBL Presents Lori Handeland

October 2005

Spotlight on Lynn Hanna

April 1999

RBL Presents Charlaine Harris

May 2006

RBL Presents Karen Hawkins

February 2006

RBL Presents Lorraine Heath

August 2000

RBL Presents Virginia Henley

November 1998

Spotlight on Nancy Herkness

July 2004

Spotlight on Joey Hill

October 2004

RBL Presents Sandra Hill

October 2004

RBL Presents Emma Holly

September 1999

"KETCHUP" - September 2003

"KETCHUP" - October 2006

Spotlight on Madeline Hunter

September 2000

RBL Presents Judith Ivory

December 1999

RBL Presents Allyson James

December 2005

Spotlight on Eloisa James

August 2000

"KETCHUP" - January 2005

RBL Presents Tara Janzen

October 2007

RBL Presents Sabrina Jeffries

March 2006

RBL Presents Susan Johnson

March 2001

RBL Presents Nicole Jordan

September 2000

"KETCHUP" - November 2004

RBL Presents Dara Joy

January 1999

Spotlight on Shirley Karr

February 2005

RBL Presents Leslie Kelly

May 2005

Spotlight on Julie Kenner

June 2001

RBL Presents Sherrilyn Kenyon
(AKA Kinley MacGregor)

March 2002

"KETCHUP" - April 2006

RBL Presents Lisa Kleypas

November 2002

RBL Presents Angela Knight

June 2005

RBL Presents Sue Krinard

June 2000

RBL Presents Lynn Kurland

December 2003

RBL Presents Jill Marie Landis

July 2003

RBL Presents Stephanie Laurens

July 2000

"KETCHUP" - February 2003

Spotlight on Ann Lawrence

August 1999

RBL Presents Josie Litton

August 2003

Spotlight on Marjorie M. Liu

August 2005

Spotlight on Julia London

May 2000

Spotlight on Gennita Low

June 2003

RBL Presents Elizabeth Lowell

July 2001

"KETCHUP" - June 2003

Spotlight on Heather Lowell

August 2004

RBL Presents Jenny Lykins

September 2002

Spotlight on Katie MacAlister
(AKA Marthe Arends)

November 2000

"KETCHUP" - January 2003

Spotlight on Lissa Manley

January 2004

RBL Presents Deirdre Martin

January 2005

RBL Presents Malia Martin

January 2002

RBL Presents May McGoldrick
(AKA Jan Coffey)

February 2001

Spotlight on Shannon McKenna

August 2003

RBL Presents Teresa Medeiros

May 2001

RBL Presents Patrice Michelle

December 2005

Spotlight on Karen Marie Moning

May 1999

"KETCHUP" - December 2003

RBL Presents Linda Needham

April 1999

"KETCHUP" - November 2003

RBL Presents Constance O'Day Flannery

March 2000

RBL Presents Katherine O'Neal

May 2003

RBL Presents Patti O'Shea

June 2006

Spotlight on Julie Ortolon

August 2001

"KETCHUP" - May 2004

RBL Presents Marilyn Pappano

June 2003

RBL Presents Carly Phillips

December 2001

RBL Presents Susan Elizabeth Phillips

December 2001

Spotlight on Morag McKcndrick Pippin

December 2005

RBL Presents Mary Jo Putney

November 1999

RBL Presents Julia Quinn

December 2000

"KETCHUP" - June 2004

RBL Presents Nora Roberts

December 2004

Spotlight on Katie Rose

June 1999

RBL Presents Lynsay Sands

February 2004

RBL Presents Robin Schone

September 1999

"KETCHUP" - November 2006

RBL Presents Dallas Schulze

July 2002

Spotlight on Barbara Sheridan

July 1999

RBL Presents Linnea Sinclair

January 2006

RBL Presents Susan Sizemore

October 2003

"KETCHUP" - February 2006

RBL Presents Bertrice Small

February 2002

"KETCHUP" - July 2004

Spotlight on Kathryn Smith

April 2001

RBL Presents Sheridon Smythe

June 2001

RBL Presents Mary Stella

December 2006

RBL Presents Anne Stuart

January 2006

RBL Presents Kally Jo Surbeck

May 2005

Spotlight on Leah Vale

April 2002

RBL Presents Blair Valentine

December 2005

RBL Presents Bonnie Vanak

August 2006

Spotlight on Sue-Ellen Welfonder

May 2002

"KETCHUP" - August 2003

RBL Presents Eileen Wilks

July 2005

RBL Presents Rebecca York

April 2006

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