Moon Aspects to Jupiter

Moon Conjunct Jupiter Moon Trine Jupiter Moon Square Jupiter
Moon Sextile Jupiter Moon Inconjunct Jupiter Moon Opposite Jupiter

Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Moon Conjunct Jupiter: You're generous, optimistic, sympathetic, compassionate and practical but may also be vain and or self-important. You have enormous energy and a pleasing personality. You have a strong protective instinct and concern for social welfare. If afflicted, you can be self-indulgent, wasteful and gluttonous. You need a high standard of living to fulfill your liking for pleasure. You have an inner need for change and often travel unless in a fixed sign. You have a flair for business, especially in dealing with the public. Your health is good unless you over-indulge in food. Religion and education are important to you and may be included in your career. You're usually trusted, especially by women, so you receive the cooperation and help of others.
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Moon Trine Jupiter: Altruistic, kind, generous, friendly and good-natured, you seek to help others whenever possible. You possess religious devotion taught to you by your parents. You have an expansive imagination and good reasoning and judgment. You're devoted to home, parents and family and want to maintain domestic peace and happiness. Financial success comes through an inheritance or your own business ability. Men gain benefits through women and attract women who have good character and high ideals. You're interested in religion, sports, travel and journalism. You attract great blessings due to past compassionate service and get help from your mother and through your domestic life. Ninth and twelfth house matters proceed smoothly. You love animals. You may have relaxed moral values, viewing a wider range of behavior as moral than most people.
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Moon Square Jupiter: You have misunderstandings with or separation from an overly indulgent mother. You want an ostentatious home so you can be extravagant or spend unwisely. You should avoid financial speculation. You have a conflict between false pride/conceit and your emotions, which tend to be excessive. You often have different religious views than your parents and family and may be an agnostic or a fanatic, and this can cause problems. You're friendly, popular and have a good sense of humor. You often lose money by falling for a good sob story, but must learn to give of yourself to avoid problems. You have wanderlust, but may run into some sort of trouble in a foreign country. You can be lazy, procrastinate or over-indulge in food to the point of weight and/or liver problems. You tend to have an unsteadiness of purpose. Your apathy may lead to tumors. You may have to deal with moral conflicts.
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Moon Sextile Jupiter: You're generous, emotionally sympathetic, content, optimistic, cheerful, honest and charitable, especially to your family. You have integrity, a genuine fondness for people, a love of animals and good reasoning and judgment. You're financially successful in business, which is usually related to the home, land, etc. Your resources are used to beautify your home and you rarely travel far from it due to your strong emotional ties, although you usually experience good fortune when you travel to foreign countries. Your strong religious emotions make you devout and idealistic toward your religion. You're kind, good-natured, friendly, helpful and often have a green thumb. You have a strong imagination and often have creative insight. You're interested in religion, journalism, sports and travel. Ninth and twelfth house matters proceed smoothly. You tend to have a broader definition of "moral" than most people. Blessings come through past compassionate service and help comes from your mother and domestic life. Men gain benefits through women and attract women with good character and high ideals.
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Moon Inconjunct Jupiter: You're popular and have a good sense of humor but tend to be lazy at times and to have weak judgment overall, especially in financial and domestic matters. You often over-extend yourself financially and self-indulgence can cause liver problems. Inner conflicts revolve around religion. You must learn to plan and to develop patience and calmness.
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Moon Opposite Jupiter: You tend to be extravagant, wasteful, disorderly and arrogant. Your indiscriminate generosity to anyone with a good sob story and financial speculation cause money problems. You have misunderstandings with or separation from an overly indulgent parent, usually your mother. Family problems usually center on religion (which you cling to for sentimental reasons rather than faith) and you're often unwilling to face family problems objectively. You're popular, have a good sense of humor and attract money, although you lose it almost as fast as you get it due to poor judgment. The past and its habits represent security for you and you often block your own progress by refusing to let go of the past. You may have to deal with moral conflicts. Your over-indulgence in food can lead to liver problems and your apathy and laziness may result in tumors. You're often restless but don't like to travel due to a strong emotional attachment to your home.
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