Before you go any further, unless you are knowledgable about astrology, I strongly recommend you read the introductory letter by using the link in the table below. In that letter, you'll find a way to help you to understand how to read your chart and to put everything together. According to one visitor to this site, who wrote me an email about it, "The method you present for interpreting one's own chart seems reasonable and effective but above all original, 'user friendly' and empowering." The only reason I'm adding this paragraph is that I was curious as to this sites statistics. This page had over 2800 hits in December, 2002, while the letter itself had only 500 hits and 94% of them were looking for greeting letter obviously, most people who come here are missing the opening letter and, to my way of thinking, that's one of the most important parts. So please take a few moments to read it-- it shouldn't take you long.

This is the page to which you'll be returning time after time. On this page, you will find links to every planet and the rising signs as well as the general information I've already covered. The "home" button on the remaining pages will bring you back to this page. I personally suggest that you start with your rising signs and then go through the planets in order from Sun through Pluto and then finally the Moon's nodes. When you get to the planets, I suggest your read the facts first, then the planet in the sign and then in the house, if available. I've set up the "back" and "next" buttons to follow this sequence, so if you want to do something different, you'll have to come back here each time. Please remember that aspects between the outer planets are covered under the inner ones. For example, Neptune Conjunct the Sun is covered under Sun Conjunct Neptune. Clicking on the symbol for the planet will take you to the page for that planets facts. If you find a bad link, I have used a very simple method for the file names. All file names use all small letters-- no caps at all. For the rising signs, take the first three letters of the sign and add "rise.html". So Virgo rising would be virrise.html. For the remaining files, take the first two letters of the planet (use nn for the moon's nodes). For the facts about any planet, add "facts.html". For the planet in the signs, add "sign.html". For the planet in the houses, add "house.html". For the planet aspecting any other planet, add the first two letters of the word "aspect" plus the first two letters of the second planet (again using nn for the moon's nodes.) So if I wanted info for the Sun, I'd use sufacts.html, susign.html, suhouse.html, and suasve.html for the Sun aspecting Venus, for example. Should you find a broken link, please use the email button below to let me know so I can fix it. Thank you!

General Information

Introduction Letter General Notes Planet Symbols
Sign Symbols Aspect Symbols Houses and
Their Associations
Signs and
Their Associations
Sample Inventory Quadruplicities/
Careers by
Sun Signs


Aries Rising Leo Rising Sagittarius Rising
Taurus Rising Virgo Rising Capricorn Rising
Gemini Rising Libra Rising Aquarius Rising
Cancer Rising Scorpio Rising Pisces Rising

Sun in the Signs Sun in the Houses
Sun Aspects to the Moon Sun Aspects to Mercury Sun Aspects to Venus
Sun Aspects to Mars Sun Aspects to Jupiter Sun Aspects to Saturn
Sun Aspects to Uranus Sun Aspects to Neptune Sun Aspects to Pluto
Sun Aspects to the Ascendant Sun Aspects to Midheaven Sun Aspects to North Node

Moon in the Signs
Moon in the Houses Moon Aspects to Mercury Moon Aspects to Venus
Moon Aspects to Mars Moon Aspects to Jupiter Moon Aspects to Saturn
Moon Aspects to Uranus Moon Aspects to Neptune Moon Aspects to Pluto
Moon Aspects to the Ascendant Moon Aspects to Midheaven Moon Aspects to North Node

Mercury in the Signs Mercury in the Houses Mercury Aspects to Venus
Mercury Aspects to Mars Mercury Aspects to Jupiter Mercury Aspects to Saturn
Mercury Aspects to Uranus Mercury Aspects to Neptune Mercury Aspects to Pluto
Mercury Aspects to the Ascendant Mercury Aspects to Midheaven Mercury Aspects to North Node

Venus in the Signs Venus in the Houses
Venus Aspects to Mars Venus Aspects to Jupiter Venus Aspects to Saturn
Venus Aspects to Uranus Venus Aspects to Neptune Venus Aspects to Pluto
Venus Aspects to the Ascendant Venus Aspects to Midheaven Venus Aspects to North Node

Mars in the Signs
Mars in the Houses Mars Aspects to Jupiter Mars Aspects to Saturn
Mars Aspects to Uranus Mars Aspects to Neptune Mars Aspects to Pluto
Mars Aspects to the Ascendant Mars Aspects to Midheaven Mars Aspects to North Node

Jupiter in the Signs Jupiter in the Houses Jupiter Aspects to Saturn
Jupiter Aspects to Uranus Jupiter Aspects to Neptune Jupiter Aspects to Pluto
Jupiter Aspects to the Ascendant Jupiter Aspects to Midheaven Jupiter Aspects to North Node

Saturn in the Signs Saturn in the Houses
Saturn Aspects to Uranus Saturn Aspects to Neptune Saturn Aspects to Pluto
Saturn Aspects to the Ascendant Saturn Aspects to Midheaven Saturn Aspects to North Node

Uranus in the Signs
Uranus in the Houses Uranus Aspects to Neptune Uranus Aspects to Pluto
Uranus Aspects to the Ascendant Uranus Aspects to Midheaven Uranus Aspects to North Node

Neptune in the Signs Neptune in the Houses Neptune Aspects to Pluto
Neptune Aspects to the Ascendant Neptune Aspects to Midheaven Neptune Aspects to North Node

Pluto in the Signs Pluto in the Houses
Pluto Aspects to the Ascendant Pluto Aspects to Midheaven Pluto Aspects to North Node

North Node in the Signs
North Node in the Houses North Node Aspects to the Ascendant North Node Aspects to Midheaven

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