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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Neptune Conjunct Ascendant: You have a definite intuitive or psychic quality and a subtle magnetism gives you an air of fascination. You often appear to live in another world and may even live in a world of fantasy with no basis in reality. Your actions are difficult for others to fathom since they're based on unconscious promptings and intuitive perceptions. If well aspected and both Saturn and Mercury are strong, sensitivity to subtle aspects of any given situation gives you a superior grasp of reality. Your highly developed imagination may be accompanied by artistic talent. You may be attracted to occasional use of drugs. If in the first house, it's difficult for others to know where they stand with you. If in the twelfth house, your escapist tendency is often expresses through poetry.
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Neptune Trine Ascendant: You have grace, delicacy, sympathy and a subtle sensitivity to life that may include clairvoyance or at least a well-developed intuition. You're likely to be somewhat intriguing or mysterious in your personal appeal and mannerisms and your eyes especially have a magnetic quality. You're able to gain popularity and others' confidence and cooperation due to your intuitive ability to sense others' moods and empathy for others and your surroundings. You have a close rapport with your marriage partner and often have artistic ability or sympathies.
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Neptune Square Ascendant: This aspect generally weakens your personality and you're often confused and overly subjective in self-expression and social relationships. You often live in your own dream world. You may be unreliable and deceptive in any partnership or suffer the same from your partner(s) or spouse.
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Neptune Sextile Ascendant: You're graceful, delicate, sympathetic and empathic, either influencing or being influenced by others. You usually have mysterious eyes and a subtle but charming personality with a magnetic ability to gain others' support. You're able to react intelligently in relationships due to extreme sensitivity to all factors entering into relationships with partners and the public. You may have clairvoyance or other extrasensory abilities and, if you're highly evolved, the ability to give spiritual love. You often have artistic abilities or sympathies.
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Neptune Inconjunct Ascendant: This aspect weakens your personality because you have a tendency to retreat rather than face your problems. You may be deceptive or a victim of deception.
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Neptune Opposite Ascendant: There are often peculiar circumstances where marriage or partnership is concerned, but if this is the only negative aspect to Neptune, your relationships will be based on spiritual ideals, otherwise confusion and deception will abound. Be careful when signing contracts and avoid legal proceedings whenever you can. In a strong chart, you have an intuitive sensitivity to the intentions, desires and motivations of partners and the public, but you may also have a subtle and disarming charm that upsets some people. In the sixth house, there's real danger from medically administered drugs and care is needed with household gas appliances. You're apt to be an untidy worker and have problems with your feet. In the seventh house, your attitude to marriage is over-complacent and you're apt to be disappointed in love and business partnerships often fail.
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