Bojan Djordjev read the Jean-Luc Nancy <Corpus>

  Lau Mun Leng       |      Reading Research   2004 ~ 2006
The video < Reading> is a research project base on representation of language, as symbols to be examined by sighrecorded. These ideas are
usually some sort of process of retrieving and comprehending some form of stored information or ideas. The project was start from 2004-2006 ,
the participants including Andrea Neumann, Cecile Bolmont, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Sabine Fischer, Chang Hoi Wood, Laura Erber,Bojan Djordjev,
Elizabeth Ross, Ivo Kazar.....
Sabine Fischer read the Yona Friedman <The trompe l'oeil" universe>
Chang Hoi Wood read the Chung Ling Ling  <"Mui Gwai Nim Zyu" ("Rosary")>
Jean-Luc Guionnet read the  Francois Laruelle <Le christ futur>
Laura Erber
Andrea Naumann read the Franz Kafka<Die Erzahlungen>
Cecile Bolmont read the daily of her grandfather's grandfather
Elizabeth Ross read the Starhawk <Webs Of Power >

Director        : Lau Mun Leng
Reader          : Sabine Fischer, Chang Hoi Wood, Bojan Djordjev,
                  Laura Erber, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Cecile Bolmont,,
                  Andrea Neumann,Zina,Elizabeth Ross
Production      : External Database
Format          : Pal
Year            : 2004-2006


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