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Hello and welcome to my site. It has gone under a major face lift, removing a heap of the crap that was pretty average, and increasing the stuff everyone seemed to like.
Here are some of the comments which motivated me to make this site even more funny, and hopefully better:

What's the matter with you? You and all your mates are just a bunch of testosterone charged rev-heads that are going to be so embarrassed about this page in a few years time. Most people say and do stupid shit when they're brainless little pimples like you, but most people don't make a web page out of it. You are NOT funny. GET A LIFE!

And here is another....

You filthy little thief, you stole a heap of this from my site I know and you will meet your death soon enough. Ya little prick, nobody wants to see pictures of you and your pathetic high school bum chums.

One final one, which has been slightly censored:

one word: redneck. actually, two words: redneck c*nt

Well, if you don't like it, feel free to leave. I am free to put whatever the hell I like on MY site, and will continue to do so. If you want to add to the abuse in the guestbook, feel free to sign it, and in the meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the site and have a laugh.You only live once.





FUNNY PICTURES - all the old ones are still there, as well as a collection of new ones.
CHAINLETTERS - sick of those stupid chain letters? Well send someone these.
QUESTIONS TO PONDER - a range of questions which will keep you thinking for hours
THE SIMPSONS - quotes from the famous cartoon.
WHY I HATE MY JOB - reasons why myself and my work mates hate out job. Updated!
CAR MANIA- the section of the site in which I got the most feedback from. All you testostrone charged hooligans can now enjoy a larger range of burnouts, picutres and some info.
A GUIDE TO FLYING A CESSNA - I will take you through all the actions in taking a Cessna 152 for a  fly.
FUNNY STICKERS/POSTERS - do I really have to explain any further? Worth a look!
OPTICAL ILLUSIONS - Test your eyes and friends
ABOUT ME - some information and photos of me and my surroundings. Only view of you have alot of  spare time in your deprived life.
THANKS - Thanks to the following people......

This following stuff I personally did not make, but they can be very entertaining. But make sure you come back soon!

CONVERT TEXT TO SPEECH - Type in any words, and the program will say it!
FARTS.COM - I think you guessed it right!
QUIZ - Take this quiz and tell me what you got. I scored 3/12!!!!
NEWGROUNDS - A fun site which allows you to kill famous people as well as other entertainment.

NOTE: Not all links are currently working, for this page is having a face lift. Be back soon!!!

Any comments, please email me at:

People have visited my site. Over 1200 did before the facelift.