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This page is the portal to stories I have read (generally fiction) that speak to my interest.   A short description is included along with each link.  I am always looking for good stories of any type, if you have a story of 1,500 words or less (Approximately, I won't turn down a good story that is longer if it can hold my interest and fit within a reasonable space.  Heck, I'll even break it into parts if it is good enough. ) and would like to have it published on this link.  Send it as a Word Document attachment to an email.  Submissions sent as text body to email will not be considered.  This page and the stories on it would be rated PG-13, so keep that in mind when submitting your work. There is no payment or reward here other than seeing your work in print and having a place where others may view it.  You may also submit poetry on this page using the same method as outlined above, however if it is accepted it will be put in the poetry pages of this website.  Essays, Political Commentary, and other non-fiction writing will be looked at and if found worthy will be placed in one of the other link categories that are available. Please take time to edit and review your work before submitting it, I have limited resources for editing. 

If you would like to make a comment or criticism of this page or the writings here, Click on Contact Me and Send an e-mail.

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It Must Be The Water - Charles Grimmett   A view of how too much of a good thing may be the primary source of insanity in the world.
An Afrikan Love Story - Kenneth Howard   Love is sometimes letting go.

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