The Miscellaneous Harvest

The Miscellaneous Harvest

This page is a portal to a collection of writings that I have received through e-mail, found in various publications, or have sort of picked up along the way.  It is an odd and mixed collection of works including; Poetry, Commentary, Jokes, and some things that defy simple classification.  I offer you this Miscellaneous Harvest and hope you enjoy it!

Poems I've Received

Brothers & Sisters


Give Me a Mate

Crystal Cartier Black Quotes


Jamise L. Dames Growing Up Black In Nazi Germany
Simply Love Elbert Lewis Jr. Defining Ourselves
When I Think of Cho-co-late Mike R. Brown The Blame Game
This Is Not A Love Poem Linda Dominique Grosvenor Excellence In Education
No Fuzzy Feelings RAWSISTAZ Responsibility
Stay All Morning Tina McKinney Institute For Race and Public Policy
The Gun That Owned Jimmy Biklar Analysis of Empire
Stop Playing Games with Reality Suite 1 Denise Campbell Krack'd Pot Moms
Neighborhood Pusher James Clingman Are You A Black Neck?

Celebrating Diversity

Akintiunde Kofi Camara Tribute to Black Women In Art

Thoughts and an Expresso

Jah Elvis - Reggae Physics and the African Diaspora
Rhythms of the Sea Keith Knight Ghettostone Publications
Wind Talkers Wade A. Harrison Computer Scientist of the Diaspora
Yesterday's Love   Jiggly House of Design
Halloween   Black Self-Reliance
Addicted   Toledo Low Brow Art
The beauty that I am   Remembering DuBois
Black Man Gone Bad   Why Reparations
American Dream   Opinionated
Why Stop There?   Black People Love Us!
    The Eintouist


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I'm always looking for more poems and people to add and webpages to link with.  If you have poetry, prose, opinions, or a page; e-mail me and I'll be glad to include your work.


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