Welcome to the Medieval League

Welcome to the House Of Pain.
Commissioner- Lady Rebecca.

Welcome to the Medieval League. We are accepting new players and characters, lurkers welcome.

New players please read the 'Player's Guide' and the 'FAQ' on the frame to the left to fully understand the rich roleplaying game know as the Mystic Arena's Medieval League.

*Note*- Hit reload when viewing the fighter status, to make sure you get the recently uploaded one. If you click on a link and it gives you a blank page, clear your browser's cache. It then should turn out fine.

Latest Update

This website and the Medieval League are currently inactive. If you would like to commission a league with a rich background and history please contact the commissioner above.

Webmasters found linking to any of the pages contained within this site will be dealt with severly. Action has already been taken in one situtation and the Mystic Arena community is not as forgiving as I am. Do not do it. Report theft.

Wow, talk about blast from the past. View this Illegal attack from the first incarnation of the ML. At the time Wolfman was the current LoS and even back then Lady Rebecca was aspiring to be something greater."

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This league is run by: Deb/Morrigan/Lady Rebecca

Counter by Rapid Axcess
Counter by Rapid Axcess

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