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Here's the Rebel leaving temporary storage
I bought this car as pictured
in 1998. Drove it 188 miles home,
and removed it's tired AMX drivetrain.
Replaced it with an original  Machine 390 salvaged from a parts car I bought  in 1990.
Many parts have been replaced, including fenders,suspension,brakes,etc.
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Otis Kortz
68 AMX 390 coming out
Stripped engine bay; still looking for better fenders........
One of many trips to the sand blaster. Suspension parts readied for POR-15
John Oakes of Pa. had the fender I was looking for
A tip from a fellow Machine owner landed this NOS fender from Michigan
Waiting for a second round at the body shop. 5 pr.'71 Freeflows pictured
Second visit to body shop. Wet sand in progress
Fenders are temporarily mounted for clean-up
Hood scoop painted in factory color (Shadow Black). Basecoat/Clearcoat this time around.
Fenders waiting to be hung
Passenger door painted Commodore Blue
Driver door.
Hood shot in Shadow Black.
Painted 8/19/02.
Panels sanded and buffed.
Surprise beneath the Headliner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Surprise beneath the rug!!!!!!!!!
Interior done except for door panels & driver seat