Rebuilding in Honduras - Log

Rebuilding in Honduras -   Log

Sunday (Domingo) 5 Nov 00 -Anne Kennison, Cipperly Good and Wallace Good meet in Revere MA at the Comfort Inn.  It is 10 PM; so we plan a 3:45 AM wake-up to catch our plane.  The weather is cold and rainy, nearly sleeting.  Honduras sounds like such a wonderful destination!

Monday (Lunes) 6 Nov 00 - Wake up @ 3:30 AM; we must be too excited.  Check out and ride to the Boston Airport; wait in a lo-o-o-ong line.  Anne leads the way and gets our baggage checked in by 5:15 using her firm no-nonsense demeanor.  After a short delay we are airbourne, arriving in Miami FL none the worse for some intermittent vibrating bumps along the Eastern seaboard.   Then our next plane is taken off line; glad it was not in the air with us! Anne in Miami.jpg (63873 bytes)  We wait 1 1/2 hours quite patiently.  Cipperly's Siesta.jpg (117617 bytes)  We board the plane and fly over many beautiful islands arriving in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, by flying up the broad green Rio Ulua valley between steep volcanic mountains.  Its 1:30 PM CST as we meet Eleana (our guide)  Our Guide and Shepard Eleana Mayorquin.jpg (130177 bytes)  and Mario (our driver).  Driver Mario Aguilera.jpg (127899 bytes)  We name and ride Big Blue, Driver Mario with Big Blue.jpg (129069 bytes)  the Father Blanco's pickup, to the Project Office. Project Office Entrance.jpg (121501 bytes) There we meet the staff and settle into the upstairs apartment.  Project Secretary Yesenia Mejia.jpg (116727 bytes)  Project Staffer Bessy Moradel.jpg (111197 bytes)  Housekeeper Olivia Zaldivar.jpg (118764 bytes)  Eleana helps us connect to the WEB; then we walk around this ten year old middle class neighborhood.   Boys play soccer in a park,   Soccer Ball Kicked High.jpg (119538 bytes)  Kick on Goal.jpg (127930 bytes)  little groceries (pulperias)   Our Pulperia On Corner.jpg (130827 bytes)  appear once every few blocks,   and there is construction everywhere.  But unlike Vermont, every home is surrounded by a cement wall  Santa's Coming.jpg (120229 bytes)   and iron gratings;  Next Door Neighbor's Dalmation.jpg (116312 bytes)  while a few roosters, cattle, goats and horses roam free in vacant grassy lots.  As the sun sets quickly at 6 PM, we return to the office lane and reenter through our own iron grated gateway.  At 7 PM Fr Blanco  Fr Leonel Blanco.jpg (122382 bytes)  retrieves us for a tasty spiced beef dinner in his lovely home  Fr Blanco's Casa.jpg (131414 bytes)   he shares with his wife Rosa,  Social Worker  and Leader Rosa Blanco.jpg (131785 bytes)  along with several pretty cats, Joaquin (the dog),  Joaquin.jpg (124519 bytes)   and a parrot named Perro.  Perro.jpg (120581 bytes)    We retire to our rooms at 9 PM, very excited and tired. 

Tuesday (Martes) 7 Nov 00 - Sunrise Glow.jpg (122511 bytes)  Mountains at Sunrise.jpg (118827 bytes)  Neighborhood Sunrise.jpg (120984 bytes)  San Pedro Sula Sunrise.jpg (113511 bytes)  Casa Blanco Sunrise.jpg (129858 bytes)  We waken at 5:30 AM to roosters crowing at the sunrise.  Off to School.jpg (120053 bytes)   Boston City Schools.jpg (118757 bytes)  Morning Rush Hour.jpg (115447 bytes)  Sunrise Transit.jpg (118261 bytes)  Morning Street.jpg (127884 bytes)  At 7 AM we are treated to a delectible pancake breakfast with guava spread.  By 8:30 AM  Faith Hope and Joy Project Site.jpg (119114 bytes)  we are on the Faith, Joy, and Hope site at El Ocotillo,  in front of the Frank Griswald Medical Clinic.  Vermont Trio.jpg (117558 bytes)  As we look down the road,  Sixth House on Left Built by February VT Team.jpg (123456 bytes)  we are immediately shown the completed work  Casas Constructed by February VT Team.jpg (124766 bytes)  Familia Perez Chavez.jpg (137536 bytes)  of the February Vermont Team on the Main Street!  Foreground Perez Chavez Family Block 26 Casa 16 Built by February VT Team.jpg (132780 bytes)  We walk up the grade passing homes graced with lovely dooryard flower gardens,   Dooryard Flower Gardens.jpg (127547 bytes)  Heliotropes.jpg (126836 bytes)  Flower Gardens Abound.jpg (131587 bytes)  as  we are assigned to the Faith&Joy Episcopal Church detail.  Faith and Joy Episcopal Church Plans.jpg (117997 bytes)  From the church site we are given a spetacular view of the project  El Ocotillo.jpg (128273 bytes)  and its surroundings.  Looking East from Faith&Joy Church.jpg (130482 bytes)   Under the watchful eye of Senior Mason Jesus Saavedra  Senior Mason Jesus Saavedra.jpg (129235 bytes)  and Helper "Lupe";  Helper Lupe.jpg (130102 bytes) we mix   Wally Mixing Footing Concrete.jpg (129892 bytes)  Cipperly Mixing Footing Concrete.jpg (128003 bytes)  two batches of footing concrete - two wheelbarrows pebbles, four wheelbarrows sand, two bags cement  Quartermaster Supply House.jpg (119509 bytes)  and twenty-five gallons water.  We transfer  Cipperly Fills the Concrete Transport.jpg (132709 bytes)  Lupe and Cipperly Create a New Dance.jpg (138161 bytes)  1 1/2 batches by wheelbarrow  Cipperly Driving Cement Wheelbarrow.jpg (136890 bytes)  The Last Bridge.jpg (137138 bytes)  and bucket  Anne Prepares to Haul Concrete Bucket.jpg (135395 bytes)  Anne Hauling Concrete Bucket.jpg (131277 bytes)  Anne Begins Bridge Crossing.jpg (132386 bytes)  to the South end of the East wall footing;  Cipperly Triumphant SE Footing of Church with Jesus Saavedra.jpg (132616 bytes)  all by lunchtime.  During the same period Rosa Blanco attends to many families needs at Frank Griswald Medical Clinic;  Kevin Cardenas.jpg (128680 bytes)  Choosing Clothing at Griswald Clinic.jpg (116608 bytes) while others work on the new sewer system  Clearing the Sewer.jpg (132830 bytes) 

or just PLAY joyfully!  Catching Up Baby.jpg (129390 bytes)   Backyard Slide.jpg (131232 bytes)

We returned to the project office  Faith Hope Joy Project Office.jpg (130786 bytes)  for a chicken luncheon feast, followed by Fr Galeano's birthday cake!  Happy BDay Fr Galeano from Bessie.jpg (122197 bytes)  Later we toured central San Pedro Sula, stopping at the armed guarded grocery for snacks and special drinks.  Fuente Luminosa near City Center.jpg (126712 bytes)  Upon our return, the website was updated 90% successfully, before strolling to dinner with the Blancos.  Rosa was so excited; she had just been featured with the whole project in USA Today!  She still created a lovely meal of sausages, omelette, soft tortillas and fried platano, followed by her favorite ice cream - Moose Tracks!  We spend the evening conversing in Span-glish with our gratious and patient hosts.  We retire and crash by 8:30 PM, truely exhausted - remembering "Drink Agua!"

Wednesday (Miercoles) 8 Nov 00 - After a lovely "Continental" breakfast with Rosa Blanco, we drove to the site,  Escuela Juon Lindo Students Celebrate Teachers Inservice.jpg (134661 bytes)  dropping Wally at the gateway  Entrance Faith Hope and Joy.jpg (124175 bytes)  to walk in taking entrance photographs.  Main Street Faith Hope and Joy.jpg (122397 bytes)  Pulperia at El Ocotillo.jpg (121864 bytes)  Working at the cement block "factory";  Open Air Cement Block Factory.jpg (127552 bytes)  Wally helped  Junior's Shirt.jpg (110010 bytes)  Junior move  Helper Junior Canales.jpg (126090 bytes)  the semi-dried blocks.  Factory has Palettes to Prepare and Drying Blocks to Stack.jpg (137259 bytes)  There are three types - U shaped "uno"; double holed "cuatro"; and three holed "cinco".  Blockmaker Camilo Fuentes.jpg (120388 bytes)  Helper Luis Martinez.jpg (135326 bytes)  Helper Agustin Paredes Hernandez.jpg (122726 bytes)  Junior Canales  and Lindbergh Galeano.jpg (122194 bytes)  Anne and Cipperly scraped cement off the palettes  Scraper Cipperly.jpg (141332 bytes)   Anne Hammers On with Stacks of Prepared Palettes Behind.jpg (130909 bytes)  and oiled them,  Anne Oiling a Palette.jpg (136036 bytes)  much like preparing a baking pan for cake.   Anne and Cipperly Prepare Palettes.jpg (112635 bytes)  Their hands were black by the end of the morning session, completing five stacks - head high.   Prepared Palettes.jpg (133358 bytes)  The kids were all out of school,  Escuela Juon Lindo.jpg (131482 bytes)  because of teacher's inservice, so some of them came to the factory and repeated Cipperly's name over and over.  Escuela Juon Lindo Students Bryan Walter Darwin Osman.jpg (118022 bytes)  

As we returned to the clinic  Frank Griswald Medical Clinic form Factory.jpg (125896 bytes)   to ride back home, Eleana, our interpreter, asked if Wally could come quickly. They had a little boy, Jose Elias Mejia, in the Frank Griswald Medical Clinic, who had cut himself with a knife just under his right eye. Wally cleaned the wound with peroxide, after Eleana told Jose, "This will prickle!"  Appling Betadine and two bandaids for first aid revealed a deep cut - Jose should get stitches or have a life long scar.  Jose Elias Mejia Bandaged.jpg (126759 bytes)  Jose rode back to San Pedro Sula on Cipperly's lap; she felt like a little mother.  He was a brave boy; we never heard a cry or peep all through the ordeal.  They gave him new clothes at the clinic,  Jose Dresses for Hospital.jpg (120749 bytes)   a cute striped t-shirt, jean shorts, socks and buckle shoes. They also gave him a water bottle, which he clung to the whole ride to the hospital.

  El Ocotillo Bus.jpg (126548 bytes)   Bordo Las Brisas.jpg (114613 bytes)  Rio Bermejo.jpg (115830 bytes) 

After a lasagna lunch,  Railroad Icon.jpg (126237 bytes)  Street Vendor.jpg (113451 bytes)   Bank Guards.jpg (115709 bytes)  we went to the Good Shepard Episcopal SchoolInstitutol Fourth Grade Classroom.jpg (128754 bytes)  Instituto Playground.jpg (121278 bytes)  and met some students,   Inst Episcopal El Buen Pastor Andrea and Fernando Rivera.jpg (118846 bytes)  Missioner Vicki  Spelling in the Shade Tree Classroom.jpg (130147 bytes)   and two American missionary teachers, Vicki (FL) and John (PA&NY).  Missioner John of PA & NY.jpg (120042 bytes)  The Good Shepard Cathedral  El Buen Pastor Cathedral.jpg (119613 bytes)  is connected to the school; there we met Dean Macdonald.  Cathedral Dean John A Macdonald Missioner from PA.jpg (119662 bytes)   The sanctuary contains a massive, inspiring Honduran-crafted crucifix.  El Buen Pastor Cathedral Santuary.jpg (131579 bytes)  Then we went to the Little Rosa MinistriesTopiaries Line Walkway St Marks (L) Little Roses (R).jpg (129399 bytes)   Entrancae to St Marks Building for Pre-School Girls.jpg (121619 bytes)   Center Courtyard.jpg (138222 bytes)  guided by Zachary Dunn of Potomac MD and St Albans Parish DC;  Zachary Dunn of Potomac MD and St Albans Parish DC.jpg (114233 bytes)    visiting all the girls.  We delivered Duane Peterson's gift  Brenda Zamora Gifted by Her Sponsor Duane Peterson.jpg (119852 bytes)   to his sponsored little girl, Brenda Zamora  Brenda Picking Gifts and Letters from the Box.jpg (124360 bytes)   - a stuffed cow, a Ben & Jerry's T-shirt, Cat in the Hat in Spanish, and some cards.  Brenda with Gifts.jpg (109736 bytes)        The ministry is only to girls, as a boy's home predates it in Tegucigalpa.   Additionally,  the ministry maintains its own Medical Clinic,  Medical Clinic Staffed by Dr Quesada.jpg (123085 bytes)  and is building a private school  Library.jpg (134220 bytes)  adding one grade at a time.   Both are open to the local community, further expanding the ministry.   Presently two Cuban missionary physicians staff the clinic;  Dr Quesada of Cuba Pediatrician and Herbalist.jpg (133007 bytes)   like Faith and Hope, receive a grant from the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund - to create a local herbal pharmaceutical garden.   Dr Juan Carlos Quesada Holds Episcopal Relief & Dev Grant.jpg (122566 bytes)  The goal is to give the girls a middle class upbringing,    Brenda in Her Private Space and Helper Karina Reading.jpg (130907 bytes)   Six in a Room with Own Space and Possessions.jpg (134607 bytes)   so that they can achieve an unimpoverished life after they leave the home.  Flowers In Front of Computer Lab.jpg (135136 bytes)  Sunset Over Little Roses.jpg (103120 bytes)

    At 7 PM we join Rosa Blanco for another wonderful dinner of eggplant con pollo, rice, platano and ice cream.  She has Marlene  Helper Marlene.jpg (135622 bytes)   with her tonight to learn the operation of a household and hosting.   We certainly are eating well here! We retire to our rooms at 9 PM. 

Thursday (Jueves) 9 Nov 00 - We recieve an E-mail from Thomas Good, before breakfast, describing the proper procedure for inserting pictures on the WEB page, Gracias pour Internet!   After a breakfast of eggs (sunny-side up) and toast with guava, we complete our plans to visit Tela on the weekend, as the Diocesan Retreat at Muchilena is on a much deserved break!  Mario takes us to El Ocotillo by another way,   Cattle on Hacienda.jpg (133301 bytes)  so we can see haciendas   Hacienda Main Entrance.jpg (133311 bytes)  that raise the poultry and eggs  Chicken Pen on Hacienda.jpg (124079 bytes)  Hacienda Chicken Pen.jpg (130076 bytes)  for San Pedro Sula.  Massive Chicken Hacienda.jpg (123872 bytes)  Upon arrival at Faith & Joy, we implement Anne's brilliant idea - work the first 1/2 of our time at the Faith & Joy Church construction site and the second 1/2 under the roof at the cement  block factory.   First we meet different church site workers - Wall Mason Luis Trochez,  Mason Luis Trochez.jpg (121057 bytes)   Helper Oscar Licona,  Helper Oscar Licona.jpg (123992 bytes)  Helper Carlos Guerra  Carlos Guerro.jpg (123844 bytes)   Carlos Building Trench in Northwest Corner of Church.jpg (129537 bytes)   and Footing Mason Matias Inestroza,  Mason Matias Inestroza.jpg (124729 bytes)  as well as Quartermaster Victor Santos  Quartermaster Victor Santos Unlocks Door.jpg (133620 bytes)   and lovely Architect Lidia Esmeralda Sabillon.  Project Architect Lydia Esmeralda Sabillon.jpg (126460 bytes)  Lydia and Senior Architect Osmin Bautista.jpg (120876 bytes)   We carry "cuato" cement blocks into position for the northern end of the West wall, backfill Backfilled North End of West Wall.jpg (127535 bytes)  the completed Church's Foundation  Anne Backfilling West End of North Wall.jpg (133390 bytes)  and move footing cement to the eastern end of the South wall - there is progress!   About 11 AM we say,  "Adios"; and walk down to the factory, where our friends from Wednesday greet us warmly.  Mario and Eleana are dressed for shopping, but are cleaning and oiling palettes, anyway.  We create quite an industry and work group, with Anne performing quality control.  By 12:30 PM, we have completed three stacks and are ready for lunch.

Back at the office we receive another grande y excellente almuerzo of beef flautas, rice with beans, fried whole potatoes, fried platano and sweet roll dessert.  In the afternoon we visit the farmer's market Mercado Guamilito  Farmer's Market Entrance.jpg (131063 bytes)  to look for Honduran crafts.  You will all be surprised at what we found!  Mario returns us safely through rush hour traffic to the office at 5 PM.   We stroll around the neighborhood, Cipperly Makes a Pulperia Purchase.jpg (121190 bytes)  life repeating itself. Two Honduran Flowers.jpg (117991 bytes)  At 7 PM we visit Rosa for yet another hot meal and wonderful spread of steak with onions, potatoes, tortillas, and candied stewed papaya!!  We tell Rosa in our best Sp-a-n--i-sh about our day and visit to market.  She gratiously encourages and helps us speak.   Upon returning the girls retire, but Wally updates the Web page, finishing at 1/2 past midnight, Celebration!

Friday (Viernes) 10 Nov 00 - After a breakfast of To Die For pancakes with Papaya Compote, we show off the updated pictured WEB site to the staff full of giggles and excitement.   Each day we pass a beautifully manicured residence institute of the state, Aldeas "SOS";  Aldeas SOS de Honduras.jpg (125772 bytes)  Students at SOS.jpg (126082 bytes)  created to rehabilitate drug addicted adolescents.  Soon we are onsite again,  Hauling Reinforcing Rods to Church.jpg (127688 bytes)  this time making reinforcing rod and wire parts for the church's columns and beams.  Cipperly Bending Reinforfing Rod Squares.jpg (129796 bytes)   The shop was previously the temporary open air roofed altar!  Reinforcing Rod and Wire Production at Altar.jpg (126832 bytes)   About eleven Wally is called to the clinic to examine Jose's progress, having received some 15 stitches at the emergency clinic.  His eye is swollen shut, but clean and dry - no signs of pus or infection.  Jose Leaving Clinica Medica Frank Griswald.jpg (110354 bytes)   Wally returns  Wash Day Today.jpg (135707 bytes)   Roosters.jpg (138576 bytes)  Creating a Backyard Garden.jpg (125318 bytes)  to the church to continue work, but his cover is blown.  At noon work stops for the weekend, but four new patients arrive at the medical clinic.  While Anne and Cipperly wait for lunch, Wally offers care suggestions, referrals, and physical examination.  Then we climb to the top  Cistern Workers.jpg (129337 bytes)  Inside of Cistern.jpg (127845 bytes)  of Cistern Hill  Community Cistern High Above.jpg (134694 bytes)  for a panoramic view of El Ocotillo  El Ocotillo from Cistern.jpg (142155 bytes)  and the project.

We return  El Ocotillo Bus Picks Up Passengers.jpg (130053 bytes)  to a luncheon of beef roll, rice with beans, tortillas, avacado egg salad and brownies.   Every meal is satisfying and hearty.  Cipperly and Wally go to the farmer's market, quickly collecting the goods at the previously agreed prices! Anne remains at the office preparing for our trip to Tela early manana.  After an afternoon walk and run around the neighborhood, we return to see Eleana proudly entering her newly acquired pick-up;  Eleana with Her New Pickup.jpg (124818 bytes)  it's her first day of driving!  Inside Fr and Sna Blanco explain contracts to the four new owners in the project,  Four Heads of Perez Garcia Moltonvin and Clark Families.jpg (125301 bytes)  receiving housing today.  This is what it is all about,  Building the Water Mains.jpg (130524 bytes)  building community   New Community Center Diagonal from Church.jpg (132533 bytes)  Lot Map El Ocotillo Site.jpg (116322 bytes)  and homes,  Faith & Joy Church from Cistern.jpg (129752 bytes)  not just shelters.  After a dinner of ballada (a hot tortilla filled with sausages and eggs) and our favorite papaya compote, we retire joyfully anticipating our trip to the seashore at Tela - manana. Proofreader Cipperly.jpg (127822 bytes) Cipperly and Wally update the WEB page, then to sleep!

Saturday (Sabado) & Sunday (Domingo) 11-12 Nov 00 - Excursion to Tela, Punta Sal National Park, Hotel Sherwood,

Lancetilla Botanical Garden and the Carribean Sea!!  Meet and dine with missioner workers from Good Shepherd Episcopal Church!!

Monday (Lunes) 13 Nov 00 - After a light breakfast including the fruits we harvested at Tela - mangosteno  Mangosteno.jpg (131052 bytes)  and manzana rosa (apple-pear),  Apple Pear Tree.jpg (146132 bytes)   we met a new driver   Oscar Perez.jpg (121703 bytes)  and traveled with the Texas Team in buses  Buses.jpg (125470 bytes)  to the site at 8 AM.  By noon we had mixed  Girls Rule Boys Drool.jpg (129752 bytes)  and transported  Encouraging Todd.jpg (123600 bytes)   Wally Crossing.jpg (135867 bytes)  Helper Jose Guadalupe Marin Arita.jpg (127152 bytes)  a triple batch of footing concrete; picked and shovelled trenches;  Swinging a Mean Pick.jpg (133519 bytes)  set up entrance reinforcing rod pillars;  Building Pillars.jpg (132288 bytes)   Raised Pillars.jpg (121681 bytes)  and stacked drying blocks.   At the community center,  Painter Arsube Fernandez.jpg (113746 bytes)  we met our cook  Lizeth de Umana.jpg (123235 bytes)   and members of the British Amos Trust Team  British Construction Project.jpg (134876 bytes)  and ate tortillas with refried beans, eggs, chicken and beef bits, and mango stuffed cookies.  Luncheon.jpg (124329 bytes)  Then we enjoyed Father Blanco's Birthday blessing and "baptism".  Caught Unawares.jpg (131822 bytes)  Blessing Aftermath.jpg (128826 bytes)  The main street of El Ocotillo was full of life  Modesta Figueroa Gutierrez Chiclera.jpg (134923 bytes)  Familia Banegas Lopez Casa.jpg (121089 bytes)  Santos Genaro.jpg (126699 bytes)  and surprises.  Sonya Loamy Ramirez.jpg (118563 bytes)  Shoulder Parrots.jpg (135174 bytes)  Lindbergh  Casa Lindbergh Galeano.jpg (121376 bytes)  and the Perez Chavez Family  Casa Familia Perez Chavez.jpg (137430 bytes)  Dominga Chavez Magda and Luis Perez.jpg (124042 bytes)  invited Wally into their homes for photos.  After another hour of work on the church,  Texas Giant Concrete Mixer.jpg (123644 bytes)  we headed to San Pedro Sula for banking and quick shopping.  The Teams ate dinner separately; then collapsed in bed exhausted but joyful.

Tuesday (Martes) 14 Nov 00 - After our mutual breakfasts,  the Vermont and Dallas Teams meet and ride to the site.  While Dave scrapes and oils four stacks of palettes with a little help from others,  the larger crew takes on the work at the church.  Bishop Ottley, Interim Bishop of Honduras, Rt Rev James H Ottley Interim Bishop of Honduras at Altar Site.jpg (134924 bytes)  visits the church with Padre Blanco.  Several of the men help Luis frame Luis Framing Entrance Pillar.jpg (132350 bytes)   and fill the entrance columns with cement.  Column Filling.jpg (132360 bytes)  Jesus and Lupe build the walls on the footings we poured last week,  Masonary by Jesus and Lupe.jpg (133211 bytes)   as more pillars and beams are constructed at the altar.  Making Pillar Parts.jpg (139454 bytes)  Luis Inspects Pillar Assembly.jpg (137856 bytes)   Cipperly and Wally Building Pillar.jpg (135264 bytes)  Laurie oversees Laurie Overseeing Trenchbuilding.jpg (122222 bytes)  the latest trench building Daphne in the Trench Anne Cutting Binding Wire.jpg (126146 bytes)   Wally in the Trench.jpg (136308 bytes)  Jacquelyn in the Trench.jpg (138829 bytes)  Style.jpg (137652 bytes)  Stike.jpg (137642 bytes)  Cipperly in the Trench.jpg (138461 bytes)  Swinging Pick.jpg (137143 bytes)  Paydirt.jpg (134938 bytes)  for the footing that will support the altar itself!  As noon and lunchtime approaches, Rosa visits the site - well protected -  Senora Rosa Blanco Visits Church Site.jpg (125230 bytes)  and Cipperly says "Adios!" to her young maestra and new amiga.  Cipperly y Gabby Maestra Anna Gabriella Suniga Quedros 9 yo.jpg (123044 bytes)  After another huge meal of chicken and bean tostados with multiple sauces,  Wally demonstrated the WEB site to the masons and the teams.   As the Vermont team prepared to leave for the last time,  the children clamored for pictures, "Mi Photo!"  Friends on a Hamaca.jpg (130296 bytes)  Group Photo and Heliotropes.jpg (131209 bytes)  Take My Photo Please.jpg (129897 bytes)

We all went on a shopping spree in the afternoon at the farmer's market, then returned to our mutual abodes for dinner, showers and rest!

Wednesday (Miercoles) 15 Nov 00 - After a lovely breakfast of guava toast and juice with Rosa,   Cipperly and Wally gifted our hosts and then visited the Museo de Antropologia in the center of town.  The top floor was dedicated to prehistory through the Mayan culture of the region at the time Columbus arrived.  We had to leave to meet our plane, just as we returned to the first floor and Columbus' landing!  We arrived safely in St Albans, Vermont by 3:35 AM on Thursday, having dropped Anne at her home in Essex Jct.

Meanwhile, the Dallas team returned to El Ocotillo with many supplies, continuing to build.  The log of their activity is forthcoming.   After much progress at the church and reorganizing the clinic,  they returned safely to Dallas Sunday (Domingo) evening.                                     

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