You can help first of all, by collecting all of the radioactive waste and nuclear contaminants from your house and not doing anything foolish with them. Here are a few pointers:

DON'T-Bury your radioactive contaminants in the backyard, this could lead to unsettling developments in the future.

DON'T-Handle nuclear waste without adult supervision. Always have someone 18 years of age or older watching. They'll know what to do if an accident occurs.

DON'T-Dispose of any hazardous bio/nuclear waste product in the toilet. This can cause harmful chemical reactions. In the event that bio/nuclear waste comes into contact with sensitive skin, contact your local radioactive waste control center for instruction on care.

DO-Take your irradiated valuables to the nearest Radioactive Recycle Center. Call 411 and ask where the nearest location from your home would be. In view of present circumstances, the locations will remain anonymous.

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