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Last updated: 23/5/05
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The wacky paki love shack. Skeem (imy) the cool dude site. - My mates imran's homepage
1/08/05 - Well ive added a holiday section with looootsa piccies :) i know how everyone loves piccies...time is a bit short rite now (gotta go out...late aready) but i'll put my friends stuff on tomo. cya'll soon.
23/5/05 - Well im guna be lazy in this update, this was supposed to be a table but its just two text boxes. Oh well. Can't really put much down since im a busy busy busy man. busy. So all im doing is just 'sprucing' up the pages, moving stuff round and putting up a affilfiates part to the index (cool links). So i'll update real soon. Anyhow check out the sites i put up!
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26/1/05 - First update in like years! Woo! and in the year '05! Lets hope it will be a smashing year!! For returners, check out the links page as all updated/new pages will be linked from there. Cheers!
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