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hay nakuHey Pipz!!! Welcome to my page...

Want to know more about me???about me?

Name: Wendy aka Weomy                                    Nickname: Wendy, Wendz

Japanese name: Kaede Hyobanshi, Ayumi Saruwatari

Birthday: August 2, 1989               Zodiac sign: Leo               Element: Fire

School:(Elementary): Janiuay Pilot Elementary School

            (High School): Iloilo National High School-Special Science Class

Ambition: I want to finish my studies, to be a successful (nurse, architect, flight attendant, doctor, lawyer, writer,) someday and to travel the whole world.

Hobbies: Reading books, surfing the net, texting, watching TV. (ANIME, movies,shows), listening to music, making something, writing something, sleeping (the best), eating (i'm on a diet)

Likes: Flowers, books, movies, history, mythology, William Shakespeare, puppies, poems, songs, blue, apple, friends, good, rain, sunshine, wind, winter, summer...cute (lapit sa law-ay hehehe...)

Dislikes: Bad, dirt, plastic, smokers, negative side

Motto: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Heart to heart talk

Define "Crush": Crush is admiration

 Crush: my childhood friend

Define "Love": It's something that just HAPPENS!

hahahaIf you want to know about me, well just e-mail me at e-mail  or you can ask me personally...