Genetics of Red Hair

Genetics of Red Hair Origin of Red Hair
Why is Hair Colored? Common Traits


What makes Red hair so appealing?  Well, Red hair is commonly associated with people of British or Irish descent, although red hair is found in many other parts of the world.  Scotland is the country with the highest content of red haired people which includes approximately 13% of their population.

It is estimated that 2 to 5 percent of the population of the United States has red hair. In European descendants the people with red hair have significantly thicker hair than the ones with other hair colors.

OK, why do people have red hair? The answer to this question can easily be answered with a simple discussion about human genetics. Still some might wonder why our hair is colored at all. The answer to all these questions lies in our genetics.

There are many common misconceptions about red-heads some of them being that they have hot tempers and that red hair skips a generation. This site puts an end to some of those misconceptions that people have about red haired people. Learn more in Common Traits (or maybe it should it be called Uncommon Traits?).

Red hair is usually significantly thicker than the hair of people of European descent with other hair colors. The numerical density of hairs on the head in red-heads is also lower. Some common misconceptions about red-heads are that they have fiery and windy tempers and that red hair skips a generation when traveling through the gene pool.

The origin of red hair in the UK can be traced back to those of Celtic descent. The variation in one's hair and skin pigmentation can be traced to the amounts of the chemicals eumelanin (brown and black melanins) and phaeomelanin (red and yellow melanins) produced by melanocytes (or 'color cells').

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