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The 28th Red Bank Area Crop Walk took place on Sunday, October 19th, 2008, with a huge crowd. There were 85 participating faith groups, schools, and service groups. This year's food collection was 40% higher than 2007. Over 6700 pounds came in on Walk Day, and was distributed that same day to local food pantries who are facing increased requests for food (up 30-40%) and fewer donations. Our Crop Walk Committee hopes that schools and faith groups will work throughout the year to keep supplying pantries.

Over 1100 Walkers were registered along with several hundred volunteers handing out water, registering, assisting with safety control, and the Crop Art Contest. The inning banners and posters will be on display in November at the Seabright Library. On Saturday November 15th, prizes will be awarded for the contest.

Donations towards our goal will be accepted through December and can be made online, or sent to Red Bank Crop Walk, PO Box 8022, Red Bank, NJ 07701.

Thanks to our Coordinating Committee and our Teen Leadership Committee for an Excellent year. If you are interested in serving on our CROP Committee, please contact us through your church, temple, or school. Check back for updates on CROP WALK 2009. WE WALK BECAUSE THEY WALK!!! Our Walk Information rally is Monday, September 8th, at the First Baptist Church in Red Bank, NJ.

This year's CROP WALK was a great sucess! We thank all the volunteers for all their help! A special thanks to the Little Silver, Red Bank, and Fair Haven Police and Fire departments and the members of the Garden State Amateur Radio Association for their assistance in directing the traffic and assisting the walkers. Click Here to see 2007 photos! And check back soon for our 2008 photos!

A BIG thank you to all of our sponsors this year. There are several levels of sponsorship ranging from food and water stop sponsors to T-Shirt sponsors to Corporate sponsors. More information and a list of this year's sponsors...

This year Church World Service celebrates its 63nd anniversary! Please visit its website to learn more about the wonderful organization! Also visit our history page to learn more about CWS.

In our second year of online donations, we've raised $7,943.00. How can you join in this? Follow the step by step instructions we compiled (registration directions) to sign up and set up your walker homepage today! For returning users: Red Bank Area CROP WALK Kintera Homepage

This year, we will continue with our three-pronged focus. One focus is the right of all people to have clean drinking water. One billion people do not have safe drinking water, and over one third must travel outside the home to get water. This task generally falls to women and children, which inhibits learning and growth. (More information) In addition, we continue our focus on displaced people, both at local and worldwide. These people have lost their homes and land and can no longer feed and support themselves. Causes include civil strife, war, drought, famine, and disease. Last but not least is a focus on those who need help in our local Red Bank area. 25% of the money raised by Red Bank CROP walkers is returned to our area to support our local partner programs. For more information about our local partners, click here.

Last year's CROP WALK was a huge success! We have raised over to $140,000!

Of over 100 CROP WALKs held annually in New Jersey, the Red Bank Area CROP WALK is the largest. Drawing 1300 participants each year, our CROP WALK raises funds for our 14 local partners and helps fellow humans world wide sustain themselves through a partnership with Church World Service (CWS). In fact, the Red Bank Area CROP WALK was the first walk in New Jersey to raise a total of $1,000,000 over our walk history (only 22 years!).

Did you know...CROP WALK is the community hunger appeal for Church World Service, working to alleviate hunger here at home and around the world. CWS has been designated by our Federal Government to be the official supporter of the faith community coast to coast in times of disaster. After 9/11, CWS organized and provided $200,000 for the founding of New Jersey Interfaith Partnership for Disaster Recovery. Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and civic partners are organizing and raising funds to assist the unment needs of thousands of New Jerseyans who have been affected by 9/11. Monthly workshops to caregivers and finding those who have fallen through the cracks are the immediate tasks. County interfaith partnerships will be organized for future disasters.

Last updated: November 9, 2008