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Welcome to the Red Claw Brotherood. This clan has been around since April 4 2003. The Clan is pretty young, and in the stages of building a strong foundation in which the Clan and grow to be a powerful clan with good allies, and good spirited gamers. We have some rules in the clans, but it is only for the good of the clan, and to fellow gamers who wish to be respected the same way as everyone else should be.

Update July 27 2005

I have no idea if I will be active on the 11th of the month, but I might be able to, but until I can ascertain for certain that I will be active, your Leader will be acting Clan Commander is RCB Alpha 1, and your 2nd in Command will be acting Clan Leader RCB KILLSTAT. Do your best. I know you guys will make me proud.

Clan Commander RCB Ghazghkull

Update July 18 2005

The time has been set, the Clan will go active on Thursday August 11th, 2005. And from this moment on until RCB Alpha 1 returns to active duty, RCB KILLSTAT will be the Clan's Acting Clan Leader, as my 2nd in Command. More information will be posted on the forum soon, so please stay apprised and look for that announcement.

Clan Commander RCB Ghazghkull