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Red Comrades has has moved here and will probably stay here.
This is because Geocities will no longer be The People's website, with free and good information.

This website contains material that re-analyzes the the Bolsheviks of the Stalin Era in the USSR. Our goal is to promote more unbiased, objective assessments of this historical period, and challenge the politically-inspired, demagogic paradigms that obscure real understanding of this geopolitically rebellious and ill-fated regime. We feel that the Cold War is over, and that it's time to retire the trite slogans, unsubstantiated suppositions, cowardly excuses, paranoid accusations, knee-jerk judgements, and boldfaced lies that have long dominated thinking and discussion of Stalinism, in favor of sincere, intellectually rigorous investigation.

One useful step in "paradigm busting" is presenting viewpoints antithetical to the mainstream or axiomatic view. Our website includes articles, pictures, and links that challenge the almost universally-accepted (and fundamentally flawed) ideas about Stalinism that presently dominate the airwaves.

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