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  1. Stalin and Yezhov: An Extra-Paradigmatic View: by Philip E. Panaggio. Unique analysis of the Stalin era in the Soviet Union from a non-Marxist, non-"Totalitarian Paradigm" perspective, incorporating new and neglected information.
  2. Another View of Stalin by Ludo Martins. Excellent factual analysis of Stalinism and anti-Stalinism. (See also On Lavrenty Beria on our Red Comrades website for additional comments on this book.) This, along with "Stalin and Yezhov" serve to give the reader a totally objective view of the events that transpired during Stalin's time in the USSR.
  3. On Lavrenty Beria: Additional comments about Beria, Stalin's death, and related topics - this is a strong critique, using objective logic and criteria, of subjective statements made about Beria in "Another View of Stalin."
  4. Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov: Biographical information.
  5. Turania: Another name for what most of the USSR was, this is a descriptive, accurate picture of the alien land and climate on which the Soviet people lived, especially the Turko-Tatar peoples that live on most of that land. No one ne can grasp the events that happened during Lenin and Stalin's time without understanding the landscape and geography. This is a must read to understand this environment.
  6. The Road to Terror By J. Arch-Getty serves, with "Stalin and Yezhov" and "Another View of Stalin" to complete the objective picture. Arch-Getty uses logic and brings the reader back in time where things were actually transpiring. The book might be seen as negative, or anti-Soviet or anti-Stalin, but we feel it is quite objective in showing the mind-sets of the times very clearly with actual documents from recently opened archives.
  7. Stalin was a Faithful Marxist-Leninist: A study by researchers at the University of Amsterdam concludes that Stalin remained true to the ideal of a classless and stateless world society until his death in 1953.
  8. The Moscow Trial was Fair: Contemporary and unbiased eyewitness account of the 1936 "Show Trials" by an English lawyer D.N. Pritt, with commentary by Pat Sloan. Full text.
  9. Lenin's Testament Letter Full text.
  10. Lenin Denounces Trotsky
  11. NKVD Info: Information crucial to understanding things that happened after 1953.
  12. T.D. Lysenko and the NKVD: On incriminating circumstantial "evidence" cited by critics that use this to discredit the scientist T. D. Lysenko's scientific work.
  13. 3 Main Bones of Contention: On the real genetic vs. Lysenko controversy---nothing more, nothing less. In short, the three main bones of contention regarding the things T.D. Lysenko really said.
  14. Mao and Lewontin's Error: Discusses some crucial misconceptions that Richard Lewontin had in his essay on Lysenko.
  15. Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union: Excellent factual refutation of some of the ubiquitous lies told about the Soviet Union.
  16. The Famine: some facts and fictions (off site) (From Mark B. Tauger, Ph.D. UCLA)
  17. About Kirov and Nikolaev: Discusses facts which tend to refute the usual explanation of Kirov's murder (that Stalin had him killed).
  18. In Search of a Soviet Holocaust: Originally from the New York Village Voice, this article exposes the lies about the supposodly Bolshevik-engineered Ukrainian famine of 1932. Excellent mainstream Western refutation of the undeservedly-respected propagandist Robert Conquest's lies and distortions of history, as well an illuminating view of the nature of anti-Soviet propaganda at that time. [Ed's note: Readers should also consider what Western sources always neglect to mention: that around 1932 there were massive crop problems not only in the USSR, but also in India and the USA, where the "Dust Bowl" crisis forced people to abandon farmlands and migrate West en masse.]
  19. Soviet POWS: This article reveals something - and explains Stalin's supposed "suspiciousness and paranoia" towards repatriated Russian POW's.
  20. The Myth of Stalin's "Demoralisation" in 1941: This article presents facts that challenge the ubiquitous story (originally told by Nikita Krushchev) that Stalin was shocked into inaction when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.
  21. Stalin and the Cult of Personality: Was this Real? Extensive collection of first-hand quotes about Stalin's personality and the "Personality Cult" - including information about who fostered this Stalin-sycophantism, and what Stalin himself thought about it.
  22. Statement of the Kaganovich Family: Official statement by the family of Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich addressing the fabrication of a book considered an important source on Kaganovich in the West.
  23. Thus Spake Kaganovich: Felix Chuev interview with Lazar Kaganovich.
  24. Nikolai Bukharin on the Use of Individual Terror Against Stalin: from Bukharin-sympathetic source.
  25. Some Observations on the Personality of Krushchev: from Lazar M. Kaganovich
  26. Trotskyism Revisited
  27. At Last He Saw Clearly: an outspoken dissident writer changes his tune once he sees his country destroyed by "wild west" capitalism
  28. New Light on Some Old Stories about Marshal Tukhachevsky: Some Documents Reconsidered
  29. The Relevance of Marxism
  30. Maoist International Movemand and their Slanders: Clearing Out the Air
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