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Welcome to my VGA Planets 4 site. as those who visit here every now and again can see I am in the process of redesigning things. I have set this site up as an information source for players. I have collated race information, ship information and miscellaneous information from all the race packs and ship packs as they are released. (Ten at this stage). I have also endeavoured to list as many links to other VGA planets 4 sites as I could find. If I have left anyone off please let me know. I try to keep the information as up to date and correct as time allows. Please forgive any errors that may be here, but let me know so I can fix them.

The Game

The game has been in beta testing since early last year and has reached a stage where actual games can be played without major bugs causing any problems. As compared to version 3 this version is really a totally new game. The only similarities are the original 10 races and the goal of destroying everyone else in the universe. The interface has been totally reworked and the complexity has increased. New players may find it rather daunting at first but it is well worth the effort of learning. Listed below are some of the new features...

  • There can now be a maximum of 30 players in one game.
  • There can be multiple instances of the same race in a game.
  • Tech levels are universal. All planets have access to a tech level once it is reached.
  • The object limit has been increased to 20000. Objects are ships, bases, pods, buoys etc.
  • Economies are more complex with more micromanagement possible.
  • Combat is resolved by fleets as opposed to one-to-one battles.
  • Players can design 3rd party races which can be used in games with Tims approval.
  • Any command can be reversed before the TRN file is sent back to the host.
  • Spying is an integral part of strategy.
  • A race can have base structures specific to them only.

A couple of the beta testers have set up tutorial sites for new players which I recommend. Check the links page for these.

What's New Here

05 January 2001:  Updated Status page

28 November 2000:  Added Birdman Statistics

11 November 2000:  Total site redesign.

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