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6/2/01 - The triumphant return! Been kind of busy lately... sorry. Hope to get some more visual material up soon, and start updating the rest of my pages again, which are still that icky black and red.

4/19/01 - Maybe I'll just start updating every ten days or so... while you're here lookie at my rainy day adventure. More coming soon, be satisfied for now. For a one person site, I'm churning out content like a maniac. Bleh

4/9/01 - After a long period of negligence, reddiwhipping is back... with a vengeance? well no. but you might want to take a look at the following:
Long Live Mao! and Ingrid Pans: Invading your nearest German theater

3/19/01 - Check out the bloggish at dotbored... i'll be posting there frequently I think... also look at cameron hawke aka alex aka susan's site it's been confirmed he has a fetish for iron men... on another note, I had my first hot pocket today... it was hot pockety delicious. New profile update. *mouth waters*...  I have another drawing up. I apologize for the relatively large file sizes but at the moment I just don't possess the skill or time to fix that. Sorry... outro.

3/16/01 - I ran into a problem after this last post... it seems that the list of posts was getting too long and I didn't know how to fix it... since well... I don't know html and I can't copy text in this hooliganish dangnammitted? program. So I cried for awhile and then It took a few hours or something to figure it out but I think I got it right... for your viewing pleasure, Old Posts and see the new section labeled Scanner Fun. Soon to come... "Profile Stalker".

3/15/01 - Sorry for the delay in updates... still stuffed from today's Moon Buffet excursion *burp*. New... "Good Reading" list for those of you constantly plagued by boredom... like me. I'll be adding new books regularly... I hope? Also, check out this little drawing i made showing my conversation with the (extremely rude) AT&T international lady and new profile update.