Redwood Park

This is all FAKE. Nothing on this page is real. It's all for SIM purposes.
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Redwood Stallions

Welcome to Redwood's stallion barn. From here you can view all the stallions and geldings that call Redwood Park home. To view more about a stallion/gelding, click on their name. That will take you to their personal pages were you can view photos, stats and show records. Currently none of our stallions are for stud.

Thoroughbred Stallions

Ace In The Hand
2000 Thoroughbred

French Native
1993 Thoroughbred

Highly Royal
1999 Thoroughbred

October Venom
2001 Thoroughbred

Stormin Too
1998 Thoroughbred

Trakehner Stallions

2001 Trakehner