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Hello and welcome to Redemption Missouri (MO). Here you can buy your favorite singles or trade for them. I am so glad you came and I hope you enjoy your stay.
LALALA Guess who's back back yet again... How has everyone been well I know i Promised a face lift and regular updates again well I will admit i slacked off got way to involved in some other stuff but..... "bugle blows" I HAVE RETURNED thats right ure favorite lizard is back and ready for action Will work on some stuff expect an update in the next 2 days !!!!!! Later all !!!!!!!!!
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Just letting you know I posted the story of the creation of the One List and the One List on my website today. It was created By Kory Lentine of CactusGameDesign. Check it out you won't regret it.
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Well all you know how I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it appears that the Next redemption set The Kings. What has happened is that the dyes that cut the cards to their certain shape. They were not cutting correctly at the factory. So instead of having them the week before June they wiill now be here the first week of june. So it isnt really a set back We will still have them around the same time we just won't get them any early. Just thought i would let you all know. Also I have added more Redemption Scuba Pics Enjoy all.
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Well we have about 3 weeks until the new Kings set comes out. New information has come out about new cards. The new websites name is. It is from the salvation army who is selling their promo card for redemption on this website. Also they have new info on Weapon Class Enhancements !!! You should really go check it out. I plan on having a list of prices for the new set as soon as they come out and all of them should be in stock. But Until Next Time.