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This site was started in the hope of helping people, like ourselves, who find themselves separated by thousands of miles from the person they most want to be with.

For anyone about to embark on the process, it won't be easy and for those already in it, then you will know what I mean. Just try and remember, like we are trying, that no matter how many obstacles seem to get in your way, in the end you will be together again and that that will make it all worthwhile.

Use the links to get information and make contact with people in the same position as yourselves. Sometimes it will lift you, other times it may not. Sometimes it will clarify things, other times it will make you wonder how it can be so complicated. The main thing is you can never have too much information and who knows you may find something that will help you get through it more quickly.

We wish anyone visiting, a speedy re-uniting with their loved ones.

The information contained on this site is designed to try and help with the immigration process for US/UK couples. It is not to be taken as any form of legal advice and is based purely on our experiences. We will try to give information and links to sites that we found useful (or not useful, but who knows ?) whilst we were trying to cope with the processes involved.

If you would like to ask any questions or clarify anything contained here then please feel free to email either myself  my email  or Deb  Deb's email  and we will help if we can.