Contests and Competitions
Contests and Competitions
* 4:Chapter of the Year
* 3:Junior Travel Award        Guidelines
2: Albricias Guidelines
Submit your work for publication and cash prizes in the National Magazine
Help the Reinaldo Arenas Chapter become CHAPTER OF THE YEAR
A two-week trip to Spain
1. You may submit prose, poetry, cartoons or drawing. Essays must be type-written and double-spaced.

2. All work must be written in Spanish or Portuguese

3. Every page must carry the author's name, Chapter, School, City, and sponsor. Sponsor must sign all pages, assuring author's membership.

4. Drawings must be black ink on white paper. The size should be no more than 8x10 inches. Drawing should resemble some aspect of Hispanic culture, art, architecture, etc.

5. Biographical information must accompany every contribution.  Submit a photograph along with your work. All photographs must be labeled with the information in #3. Attach the labeled photo to your contribution.

6. Deadline:
   July 1..............Fall Edition
   October 1........Winter edition
   January 1........Spring Edition
   March 1...........Summer edition

7. Prizes:
   -Authors of published works will    
    receive a check for $35.00

   -Authors of artwork chosen for the
   magazine cover will receive $50.00

8.Once a year, the best prose, poetry and artwork sent to
Albricias will be considered for the Best of Albricias:

   --1st Place Poetry, Prose and Art:$75
   --2nd Place: $50 

9. All contributions should be sent to:

    Judith Park
    3135 RFD Shagbark Lane
    Long Grove, Illinoise 60047

NOTE: If possible, submit your work on a 3.5" floppy disk also. Disks save us the time of re-typing your work.

a.)Label the disk format (IBM or Mac)
b.)Place the disk in a self-addressed, stamped disk mailer (available at computer and office stores). Place it in a larger envelope with the type-written, hard copy of your prose, poetry or artwork.

                     Good Luck!!
1. Applicants must be high school juniors.

2. Applicants must be members of the Spanish Honor Society.

3. Applicants must currently be enrolled in a Spanish Class Level 3 or Higher, with grades at or above B.

4. Only one student per chapter may apply. If several students wish to apply, they must turn in their essay (see below) to the club sponsor, who will then determine the most eligible student.

5. The essay must be in Spanish, no more than 2 typed pages, double-spaced, about one of the topics below:

a)Identify and investigate an aspect of Hispanic culture and explain why you would explore this if you had the opportunity to visit the country.

b) Identify one Hispanic personality (living or dead)with whom you would like to visit and tell what you would like to discuss.

6.The student the Chapter chooses to nominate should also include, along with the essay,
Official Transcripts
-2 Teacher recommendations
-Sponsor signature on essay

7. If the student is selected as one of the 12 National winners, he/she must send Albricias an account of his/her goals, future plans, and a photo.

8.Essay, Recommendations, Transcripts and other supplies must be mailed by February 1.
Award Includes:

*Recognition in the            National Magazine
*Press release
*Cash Prize of $100
* Honorary plaque.

How We Can Win:

  *Students with A's in All levels of Spanish III or higher, especially AP and IB level.

  *Constant publication
of poetry/prose/art in the National Magazine,

  *A quantity of meaningful activities that benefit our school and community.

  * High involvement in the school and in the community.
   *At least one unusual activity of mass proportions.

  *Literary journals, 
   *High Academic Achievement in Spanish, determined by grades, courses and competitions like the