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    OFFICERS 2006-2007
    Spanish Honor Society

       These are your club officers, all of which you
       can contact through e-mail at the following


        If you don't have access to e-mail [you probably
        would not be looking at this site] you can post
        any questions or comments on the message
        board at the bottom.

        We are here to help you, answer questions,
        and listen to ideas  to make the club even better.

        If you have any pictures from any activity we
        have done, please contact your Historian.

        "Butter on bread" is our motto.

     President: Maria Fernandez

     She is responsible for directing club meetings and
     talking to anyone necessary (teachers, principals,
     governers, etc.) to make the members' aspirations
     of SHS come true. You can email Maria with any
     questions, ideas, or concerns you may have.

     Vice-President: Katerina Gonzalez

     As Vice-President, Katerina runs all meetings and
     activities if Maria can't be there. She helps out with
     keeping everyone informed and involved. If you have
     any questions for Katerina you can conctact her here.

     Secretary: Margarita Ramirez-Tello

     Margarita is responsible for sending all members
     reminders about when meetings take place, for
     recording what happens at the meetings, and for
     keeping track of members' community service.
     You can reach Margarita here.

     Treasurer: Daniella Escalona

     Daniela is responsible for collecting club dues and
     keeping track of club funds and spending. If you are
     unsure about whether you owe club dues or not, or
     would like to donate or fundraise, you can email

    Historian: Paola Ramirez

     Paola takes photographs of all the SHS activities
     and compiles them in a scrapbook with captions of
     participating members, dates and descriptions. If you
     have a photo you'd like to contribute, e-mail him.
     Please send pictures as attachments.
Past Presidents
Laura del Rio 2005-2006
Ariadna del Rio 2004-2005
Monica Bowen 2003-2004
Susana Bejar 2001-2003