Why Join SHS?
Why Should YOU Join SHS?
Something to Think About...
Students affiliated with Honor Societies are many times more likely to win scholarships. Since 2002, Coral Reef's Spanish Honor Society members have won a combined total of over $50,000 in scholarships - NOT including Florida Bright Futures - from such organizations as the AATSP, the Bill Gates Scholarship Foundation, National Merit Scholarships, the Cuban American National Foundation, the Hispanic College Fund, and the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards.
1. The Spanish Honor Society is recognized nationally by all high schools and colleges.

2. Colleges want students with extracurricular activities and high academic standards. SHS offers you both.

3. Great way to earn community service requirements for graduation. For I.B. students, our activities also count as C.A.S.

4. SHS memebrs can participate in local and state competitions in areas of speech, drama, and writing. You can learn more about the Miniconcurso

5. We help children, the elderly, the poor, the homeless, and our fellow students. Read about past accomplishments

6. You have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes awarded for art and writing. If chosen, your work will also be published in the national magazine,
Albricias. Read an example of published work here.

7. One junior is nominated every year for the Junior Travel Award, a two-week, all-expenses paid trip to Spain with SHS National Sponsors. Read about last year's winner

8. YOU decide and plan our induction ceremony at the end of the year.

9. Meet new, helpful people.

10. You are bilingual and that is an asset. Use it to your advantage and to help others, too!