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03-29-04 – NEW RELEASE – updates to Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, PG and St. Mary’s Counties on MDSCAN.  The webmaster is proud to release the first of many updates in an effort to keep MDSCAN the finest scanner resource for the state of Maryland.

10-01-02 – Decimal Codes added for the New Radio System (Fire / EMS only, more to follow).  Links page updated to include: Scan St. Mary’s

09-25-02 – All Talk groups for the new radio system for St. Mary’s County have been posted.  These are the most current assignments.  At this time radios are being installed for the county’s transit system.

09-13-02 – After a very long poll for “Next Frequencies Added”, Frederick County wins the vote, with 135 votes out of 657 (21%).  These frequencies will be posted in the near future.  A new poll will be coming soon.

09-12-02 – Update made for the New Radio System for St. Mary’s County.  Be sure to monitor every day, information is changing daily.

07-07-02 – The new radio system for St. Mary’s County is now operational, however it is still in the testing phase.  Soon a go, no-go test will be performed.  If the county is pleased with the system, mobile and portable radios will be installed.


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