The Reinsurer
Trust Alliance Insurance Company started as a branch office in 1956.

The Trust Alliance Group includes three main Companies: two mutuals (Trust Alliance Life and Trust Alliance General) and one joint stock company (Trust Alliance International).

Trust Alliance International is the reinsurance company of the group.  It offers several range of reinsurance products.  The most important products are:
(1)  Fire and Fire Allied Perils First Surplus Treaty
(2)  Quota Share Fire Treaty
(3)  Motor and Liability Excess of Loss Reinsurance Treaty
(4)  Fire Catastrophe First Excess of Loss Reinsurance
921 Earthquake
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Trust Alliance International offers heart felt attention to its customers, promote sales with an attitude worthy of trust, and fully carries out all its responsibilities. 

Trust Alliance employees combine enthusiastic service with professional expertise, aggressively meeting customers’ demands and adopt the principle “respect customer and put service number one”. 

Trust Alliance’s service personnel are highly dedicated to their professional role of providing sound insurance advice and assist customers in risk management.

Research, development and improvement are constant at Trust Alliance international, which offers diverse products and efficient services in the modern financial environment. Market niche is at the top.