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Home of the COOLEST CATS on the face of the Earth.
Okay, do I really NEED to tell you people who these cool cats are?  For those 3 of you who don't know, these cats are the four (4) members of U2. Yes, you read correctly, U2. The super mega Irish band who simply kick major ass and are considered The Best Band in the World. Yes I know, there are like 3 million U2 fan sites out there, so why the hell did I make another one, right? That's easy to answer: because I can.

This site is mainly aimed for non-U2 fans (as if that even exists). My objective is to introduce you to this awesome band and perhaps arouse your interest in them and stimulate you to becoming a U2-faithful. In this site you will find some U2 info; cool U2 pics (not too many since space is severely limited); some info on myself, the Reverend Achtung Baby; some links to both U2-related and non-related sites; and that's pretty much it. If I feel like it, I'll be updating, changing pics, adding stuff, etc., so be sure to check back here every 3 months or so. In all seriousness though, I will at least be posting up new U2 pics that I get from other sites, so at least that should be cool, no? Alright then, without further ado, I bid you welcome. And for you U2-virgins out there, get ready to have your cherry popped and start seeing just why these 4 lads are the coolest things since sliced bread. Enjoy!
updated 05/03/2006
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