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Rev. Angelle Keiffer

Senior Minister - Officiant - Priestess
San Pedro, California

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Officiant for custom designed weddings to suit your needs. Reverend Angelle has the authority to solemnize marriages in the State of California and will officiate your wedding ceremony or handfasting based on your cultural heritage and religious preferences.  Multi-faith clergy, Inter-faith couples, Wiccan clergy, Pagan Clergy, Circles, Rituals, Covens, ceremonies for Witches, wiccans, pagans, druids, shaman, Ohio Officiant, marriage officiant, Minister, Clergy, ohio officiant, officiators, Officiator, local wedding officiant, local wedding, local officiant, Local Wedding, minister, Minister, celebrant, Celebrant, clergy, California, CA, Ca, ca, wedding chapel, Weddings Chapel, chapel, Chapel, wedding vows, Wedding Vows,  officiant,  officiate, Officiate, your wedding vows,  our wedding vows, offciant, offciate, officant, officate, offciators,  licensed to solemnize marriages,  Marriage Officiant, solemize, solimize, solemize marrages, solemnize marrages, Mentor Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, multi-faith clergy, Multi-Faith Clergy,  Inter-Faith marriages, nondenominational wedding ceremony, kabbalah, kaballah, Cabala, Cabalah, Cabbala, Cabbalah, Kabala, Kabalah, Kabbala, Qabala, Qabalah, Kaballah, Kabballa, wiccan clergy, Wiccan Clergy, wiccan handfasting, pagan handfasting, beach wedding, weddings by the water, gazebo, outdoor, outside, Outside, indoor wedding, custom wedding ceremonies, custom wedding vows, Halloween wedding vows, civil ceremony, elope, elopement, Elope, Elopement, Elopements, elope in California, elopment, elopments, pagan clergy, Pagan Clergy, pagan wedding, Wiccan Wedding, Earth religions, Christian Wedding, Jewish Wedding, Orthodox Wedding,  Native American Ceremony, your cultural heritage, commitment ceremonies, commitment ceremony, your religious preferences, and much more. funeral services, funerals, eulogies, Eulogies, Eulogy, eulogy, baptisms, baptize, baptized, wicanning, wiccaning, Earth based religion, nature based religion. location, Location, California Wedding Locations, CA wedding locations, and more.   etc.