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They could be friends, but they could also be my spies
Dang, he's white
(L to R) Maria, Erika, Michael Jackson, Mikey It was our big chance to sing with Michael Jackson....
It took a while for all our voices to come together in harmony, but we finally did it.

Unfortunately like many in the presence of MJ, we were left horribly traumatized and mentally retarded for quite some time.
See, even Kristy remembers that one.. my face still hadn't returned to normal yet.
Less retarded Friends, and I mean that loosely
Dan and I doing God knows what to a reindeer, but he didn't complain.  He just broke...
"Uh.. Dan.. we're just picking him up and moving him over there... Dan? Dan?"
Sometimes I act retarded so I don't have to listen to people talking.. not you though.
My eyes kinda match my hair color.. kinda scary
He really gets pissy when you talk about Bubbles.  Then I offer to babysit his kids and he screams.. actually he just sounded more like Latoya and said "Nobody Touches My Kids But ME!!"  What a cranky pants!
My best friend         me
Mike                                    '97
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    Your           Picture         Here?
The pictures below should be taken in only, in an artistic viewpoint.  If possible partial nudity in an artistic fashion is not your 'thing', then please do not view them.            Have a wonderful day!!
My rendition of Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
My rendition of Picture 2
Picture 3
My rendition of Picture 3
Pictures that were taken that people are probably regretting.. but hey, you knew there was a camera there!
Oooh Mike.. you were asking for it.  Not aloud, but in your heart I heard you.
Like most of my pages, this is currently under construction due to people who are no longer my friiends and me not spending time on this crap.