Common Questions About The Faith

By clicking each of the links below, you will be able to read short observations, reflections, and answers to many questions Christians and non-Christians alike have regarding the faith, as well as have many difficult concepts explained with real-life application.

Please note, this section of our site is constantly being updated. If you have any questions regarding the faith, or concepts you would like to see explained that are not on this page, feel free to send a note to the pastor at and your query will be responded to as soon as possible. We pray that the explanations and examples provided on the following pages will help to enrich your faith.

Questions About Baptism

Why do Christians get baptized?

When should I be baptized? Do I have to be baptized to go to heaven?

Questions About Grace

What is grace? Why is it so important?

Questions about the Trinity

What is the doctrine of the Trinity?

Don't Christians worship three different gods?

Could you explain it so it makes sense to me?

Question about Homosexuality and the Bible

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Are all gay people going to hell?

Questions about Suicide

Is it true that if you commit suicide, you go to hell?

Questions about Faith-Healing

A few days ago, I say a program on TV. It said it was a Christian program, but the guy was calling people up on stage, and telling them if they had enough faith they could be healed of anything; cancer, paralysis, and could even be given lots of money. Is this Biblical?

Questions about Sex Before Marriage

I've heard a lot of people say that having sex before marriage is a sin. Is this true? How come it's sinful?

Questions about Pornography

My pastor says that pornography is a sin. Why is that? Doesn't everybody indulge in it from time to time?

Questions about Masturbation

Is masturbation a sin?

Questions about Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Sometimes other Christians ask me if I've been baptized by the Holy Spirit. When I tell them that yes, I am a Christian, they say that wasn't what they asked, and they ask again, and then add the question of whether I speak in tongues. I thought all Christians were baptized by the Holy Spirit. Do I have to speak in tongues? What is Holy Spirit baptism?

Questions about Jesus

How can we know for certain that Jesus really is God? He doesn’t say anywhere in Scripture “I am God,” and in fact Christians call Him the son of God. Why is that?

Questions about Heaven and Hell

I've read all about Heaven and Hell in the Bible, but I've always wanted to know if there's an easy, accessible way to explain the concepts of Heaven and Hell to someone who isn't a Christian.

Questions About a Women's Place in Society, Family, and the Church

Does God create men and women as equals, or are men to rule over women?

A lot of different churches say that women can’t be pastors or have any authority at all in the church. Is that Scriptural?

People keep telling me that there weren’t any women in the Bible who really made a difference. Where in the Bible do we see women doing important things for the Kingdom of God?

So I understand from previous questions that God does not condemn women ministers. Are there examples in the Bible, though, of women fulfilling such duties?