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Great Moments in REOnline History

To celebrate the New Year, check out some of REO's top five games of 2002.

Legendary's Top 5 of 2002 List
Ellytelly's Top Games of 2002 List
Genshy's Top 5 of 2002 List
Iskandar's Top 5 of 2002 List

Check out LegendarySword's Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Boss Survival FAQ on Xbox.

MGS2 Boss Survival FAQ for Xbox (incomplete)

Happy New Year peeps!! Genshy manages to whip out her first rant free commentary. It's a recap of most of the major trends we saw in video games during 2002 (in case you forgot already). Hope you enjoy, super good.

A Piece of Genshy's Mind

If that wasn't to your liking and you're looking for bit of game help not ranting, check out Legendary Sword's Onimusha 2 Hard Mode FAQ.

Onimusha 2 Hard Mode FAQ

View LegendarySword's breakdown of a recent Media Family Article.

A Videogamer's Opinion (incomplete)

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