Reverse Engine Online Staff:

Class: End Boss/Forum Mod
Exp: 200

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Likes: Canadian and Japanese games, consuming media.
Dislikes: Most American games, logical fallacies.
Current Obsession(s): Eternal Darkness, the Onion.
Class: Chaos Magician
Exp: 100
Quote: "Let those cultist cur-dogs run loose and they will bite you."

Location: California USA
Likes: Cats, Hedwig, sleeping, AFI, Y Tu Mama Tambien, ICO, Death Cab for Cutie, Buffy, mariachi music, cheese, Cocoa Pebbles, books.
Dislikes: Mean or snobby people, asparagus, Chaucer, sticky fingers, random battles, the word "fresh," things that are hard.
Current Obsession(s): The Weezer video with the Muppets, boys who wear makeup, Tiger Army, that Levi's commercial with Gael Garcia Bernal.
Class: Motormouth/Obligatory Jailbait (except not)
Exp: 0
Quote: "Really, you can only see one nipple because the frolicking pegasus and his happy, happy rainbow is covering the other one."

Hanzo (a.k.a. "Gary")
Location: There
Likes: Video games.
Dislikes: Stuff.
Current Obsession(s): Other stuff.
Class: Mysterious Ninja
Exp: 100
Quote: No comment

Genshy von Hiryu (a.k.a. Evil Samuri Genshu)
Location: Here
Likes: Cheese fries, college-ruled paper, Capcom, being sarcastic, Yul Brynner, good movies.
Dislikes: (at the moment) Video games.
Current Obsession(s): Kleenex's w/lotion.
Class: Pirate
Exp: 200
Quote: "The sound of a frozen-fish windchime is soothing, until it thaws ... then it's just *blat* *blat* *blat* all day."

Elessar (a.k.a. El, ellytelly)
Location: Morrowind
Likes: "whatever"
Dislikes: "whatever"
Current Obsession(s): Pshss-vooa-wum-vo-vo-voamm (supposed to represent the sound a lightsaber makes)
Class: Jedi/Forum Overlord
Exp: 200
Quote: "Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lies within the heart of mankind."

Location: Harvesting organs in the Midwest
Likes: Pikmin, yellow things, philosophy, books, Beetles, babies, Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy, Puyo Puyo, Super Monkey Ball, the color black.
Dislikes: Pretentious people, seafood.
Current Obsession(s): Pikmin!
Class: Super Monkey Ball Ninja
Exp: 125
Quote: "La pluie de vos insultes n'atteint pas le parapluie de mon indifference."

Location: Somewhere down south.
Likes: Travelling, working out and games.
Dislikes: People, relationships and lack of games.
Current Obsession(s): WarCraft 3, Ogre Battle series.
Class: White Knight
Exp: 0
Quote: "It's only a flesh wound."

Location: Down South
Likes: Video games, 'net exploring.
Dislikes: Cheese, Calculus, and various other C words.
Current Obsession(s): What you don't know can't hurt you.
Class: Sharp Object
Exp: 100
Quote: "Join the REO Speedwagon!"

Class: Spector
Exp: 0

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Find out a bit more about the crazy, crazy cats behind the scenes here at Reverse Engine. Eventually, there'll be a nifty "Mission Statement" (which will be mostly "Our mission is to totally rock out, as hard as we can, whenever we can, wherever we can, and for as long as we want!").*

*Actual contents of "Mission Statement" may vary