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"Our aim is to link us together as we prepare for our 25th Grand Anniversary Reunion in the year 2003."

Exercise your right to write. Be our pal and send us your write-ups.

August 2001 Edition

Our Congratulations
to Edd & Aida Rafael for their new son, Christian Edward who was born on August 4 at 4:05 am. 

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us
to our feet, when our wings have trouble remembering
how to fly."

Get-together in California

      The tradition is still on...every year the Castro-Solitarias, Bautistas and the Parados get together around the 4th of July.  This year, they were joined by Diana Lansangan-Gonzales.

Happy Birthday !!!

Fr. Erick Santos - Aug. 20
Al B. Custodio - Aug. 22
Marcie Mateo-Gregorio 
- Aug. 23

Please notify us if your birthday/anniversary is not on the list.  If you know other celebrants please notify us, too.

Newly-Found Buddy

Rudy "Ompong" Nacianceno

Got a forwarded email on drinking and driving from Rudynacianceno@aol.com.  Sent him an emaill right away to check if it is in fact Ompong who sent it.
Got a reply....Sir, Yes Sir!...Here is the rest of the email...

Happy Anniversary !

Edd & Aida Rafael 15th -Aug. 2
Val & Chona's 14th - Aug. 17

See You In Seattle

The Parados drove all the way up to Washington State for vacation. It lead to a fun-filled mini-reunion with the Evangelistas and the Galvezes in Seattle.

 Thanks For All Your Comforting Words

Here is the thank you note from Dana Bartolome and Terry-Javier Abad for all the love and support they received from the batch during their grief.

We have added the thank you note from Marilou Santos to Fr. Erick for celebrating the mass for her Dad's 40th day of death.

Preliminary Reports on Missing Persons

Philip Mangay shared some info on two of our Wanted guys.  He will try to get more info from them.

Thanks Philip!!!

Buddy to Buddy
  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

Please help us find the following buddies:

(Still) Wanted:

 Joseph Gelito,  Maybelle Limasing, Rogelio Isleta, Bien Cruz, Ester Trilliana, Emma Nicholas, Yolanda Wines, Myrna Canlas, Elena Villalon, Caroline Palero-Torres, Bong Lauza, Nenette Kit Cruz, Antonio Ocampo,  Rainier Virgino, Susan Prado, Mario Mendoza, Benilda Inocencio, Precila Concepcion, Rodel Lachica, RiobenGuzman, Nora Villanueva

If you have information on them please let one of us know

We ran this WANTED Adds on Thess last month and we have a winner who got the "1-million thanks" from batch 78.

Who can find Thess???

"by the way, boyet  told me that you guys are looking for thess samson. well, the last time i heard from her was when she was about to transfer her residence in san jose, bulacan.  i believed she's still employed at the National Home Mortgage Corporation (sa pinas). so, you might want to ask someone in pinas to check her out in that office."   -jojo auggie garcia

Thanks a million to Liz Reales Selorio, a fellow Torresian from batch 64 who gave us a lead on where to find Tess Samson.  Liz is one of the organizers of a big International Torres High Reunion held last August 3, 4 & 5, 2001 in Toronto, Canada.

On the left column is Liz' email to Ruel Cruz. 


----- Original Message -----
From: Liz Selorio
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 7:33 PM
To: Reuel Cruz
Cc: Tess Courtland
Subject: Do I get the prize for finding Tess Samson ... now Tess Courtland ??


I hope the Tess Samson Courtland I know is the Tess Samson your batch is looking for (Tess was not sure what year she belonged to, I think she's
found you and you've found her) --

Teresita Flores Samson Courtland
North Grower, ON (near Ottawa) Canada
email: tesscourtland@hotmail.com

Liz Reales Selorio
Class 1964
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Torres High School Alumni Association (Canada) website --
http://welcome.to/TorresHigh (subject to constant updates)



I thought we found the right Thess Samson.  But I guess we got the wrong one.  I never got a reply back on my email to Tess Samson Courtland.  I apologize for the wrong information.  But a million thanks to Perlie for the correction.  You're the best Perlie! 


Hi Val,

I'm glad to receive the August edition of KaEskwela.  Thanks for your never-ending efforts.

I've noticed that Thess Samson is still on "wanted list".  Medyo naco-confuse na ako.  I know Thess Samson lives in Imus, Cavite
with her mother, husband and children. 

To drive away my confusion, I called her at National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC).  I told her na nasa wanted list na sya ng KaEskwela.com.  She was laughing.  She gave me permission to let you know that she's happy to hear from you, guys.  Unfortunately, she is not Tess Samson Courtyard.  She is still using her maiden name:  Ma. Theresa Samson or Thess Samson.  I even joked  and asked her na nag-asawa na ba siya ng foreigner?   No, her husband is still a Filipino.    I came to know that Jojo Garcia is the ninong of their eldest.   (Jojo, regards daw, sabi ng kumareng Thess mo.) 

I requested her to visit our website so she would know what I was talking about.  She promised to do it the soonest time possible.





     An email from 

Ma. Caridad, Frederick RJ and Ompong with the friendly bear from their recent trip to Anchorage, Alaska.

Rodolfo "Ompong" Nacianceno

Sir, Yes Sir,,, 

      Ako nga po si Rodolfo Nacianceno  aka  Sir OMPONG,  Batch '78 Special Science at member nga po ng Troop 85.   Kamusta rin  naman sa inyong lahat.  Mabuti naman at nakikilala mo pa ako. Noon ko pa nakuha at nalaman ang tungkol sa Kaeskwela at iba pa. I got it from Jay Po, who happens to be my Bro-in law
      Mga four years na rin akong naninirahan dito sa bansa ni Uncle Sam.  Dito ako nakatira sa bahay mismo ni Jay sa Virginia.  Pero me sariling bahay pa rin si Jay sa Alaska.  As of now, I am  connected with Atlantic Coast Airlines operating as United Express under the wings of United Airlines, where I worked as a Customer Service Supervisor, sa Dulles International Airport. 
      I'm happy to know bout your plans guys regarding our reunion, sana nga matuloy ito. Eh saan ba gagawin sa pinas din ba sa mismong bleachers, at gusali ng Torres? 
      Doon nga pala sa ipinadala sa akin ni Jay na email, I happen to see Rey Bisda's family picture.  You made mention bout Fenchie, how's Ben Cajiuat doing? Sila ba ang nagkatuluyan?   O sige sir balitaan mo na lang ako muli. Siyanga pala, me email add ka ba ni Fr. Eric Santos. If so pls send me his add ok. Gusto ko kasi siyang kamustahin. I do have contact with Roberto Reylado, He's in New Jersey, I will let him know of our reunion too, and get his email add as well.  See yeah, and goodluck to each and everyone of you guys !!! 



Get-together with the Bautistas, 
Gonzales and Solitarias at the Parados.

These 2 email, one from Diana and another from Tet will 
sum up the fun that was shared in this traditional yearly reunion.


Greetings to ALL from Southern California!

It is so refreshing to see former faces once again. 
Thanks to the warm invitation from Felix & Tess
Parado.  My children & I are celebrating the twin's
4th birthday along with Riz & Dana.  We are currently
graced by the visit from Tet Castro and her family
from Ohio.   Traditionally, as I was told, these three
families make time to see each other every time Tet &
family come to visit her parents in-law in La Quinta,
CA.  Now, I feel so lucky to be a part of this. 
Unfortunately, my husband, Tony, has to work as we
ourselves have just gotten back from our vacation.

We planned to have a get together when Leah
Espino-Ponio & family were here, but it got so busy. 
My dear friends, my advise..... take time whenever you
can as chances are "I shall never pass through this
way again..."  Thanks for sharing the group picture from
Vancouver.  Looks like you had a great time together.

The memory lane via pictures and video watching of the
Fellowship Meeting from last August were truly helpful
especially with our deteriorating brain cells.  Blame
it to the so called "senior moments" or multiple
childbearing.  We have 14 children right now from ages
4-13.  Thanks to their cozy, well planned house lay
out, toys for sharing, delicious lunch, and all day
long "meriendas".  I must say, we are still having a
good time at this 7th hour of the day.

Wishing you are all here enjoying life with us.  There
is real life in simple pleasures and wonderful folks. 
God bless and looking forward to seeing one and all.

Diana Lansangan-Gonzalez
(Tony, Ysabel & Greg)

We are here visiting Glenn's parents who have retired
in La Quinta, California.  We have been here since
June 27.  We are due back home in Euclid, Ohio on July
10.  We have done many activities, seen many places
and met numerous people during this visit.  One of the
most memorable thing we did during this vacation was
being invited by Lex, Tess (and children) Parado to
their home in San Dimas, California to spend the day
with them.

Once again, the Parado and Bautista families have
proven their graciousness and generosity in welcoming
us.  Each time we visit, we make it a point to get
together for a day.  Each meeting is as rejuvenating
and heartwarming as the one before.  Their friendship
is very special to me.  It is true that people do not
have to be related in blood.  They just have to share
a common thing, love for one another.  These people
have become part of my family.  My family and I are
blessed with having them in our lives.

The visit was even more enjoyable with having Diana
(Lansangan) Gonzalez share here generosity and
creative party planning abilities.  She provided the
games and party favors to all the children present to
help celebrate Fe and Cris Parado's' 4th birthday
party.  It was a blast.  The joke was that if you or
your child were having a birthday party, contact Diana
and she'd help organize it.  In all seriousness,
although I was not close to Diana in high school, what
I know of her now is that she is kind, thoughtful and
generous.  Christina, Michael and my niece Marissa,
have enjoyed Diana's children.  Lex, Tess, Riz, Dana
and Diana have helped me go through memory lane and
reminded me of those I may have forgotten.  Diana
brought her high school picture album and Lex played
the video of the most recent reunion  of batch '78 in
the Philippines.  I may have forgotten the names and
faces of some of our classmates and schoolmates but I
will never forget the memories they all have
contributed to who I am now. 

Three days from now, we will be back in Ohio.  This
visit to California has been great.  It is a blessing
to be able to spend time with the Parado, Bautista and
Gonzalez families.  You are God's gift to us.  May he
continue to bless you all and all your dreams come

Tet (Castro) Solitaria




Picnic in Seattle

     We also got the chance to see and meet some of our friends from Vancouver, Canada.  Beng Evangelista and Celso Galvez with their respective families took the time to see us in Seattle.  We simply had a picnic at the park for a couple of hours and catch things up with them. 

       Lex & Tess      . 
  Celso & Lex
Beng & Tess

Lex, Fe, Celso, Mandy, Maristel, Beng, Tess, Cris, Patrick & Francis


Thanks For All Your Comforting Words

Dearest all, 

My family and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of 
you for the inspiring and comforting words.  This is one of the things that 
make our pain bearable.  My Dad is finally free of all the pains of this 
world and is finally being reunited with our Lord.  We love him dearly and we 
will miss him terribly but life goes on.  We all have to be strong for our 
Mom. Again, we thank you all. 


Dana, Riz and Kids 

The family of the late Deogracias Javier want to thank all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

Once again I want to thank all of you for your prayers and remembering us in our difficult times.


Terry Javier -Abad

"Those who have already experienced Paring Erick's graciousness will know 
what I feel. The thank you card (he did not accept the financial 
contribution) I gave him cannot quite say all the thanks I wanted to convey 
after he has accepted our invitation to say mass for our Tatay's 40th day of 
death. You should see how busy Paring Erick is. But despite his hectic 
schedule, he squeezed that appointment last July 3. Hindi nga sana maubos 
ang kuwentuhan dahil he knows even my brother, ate and pamangkin sa pinsan, 
a graduate of the Manila Cathedral School.

Thanks a lot, Paring Erick. God bless, too, to your parish and school".



-----Original Message-----
From: pipes mangay [mailto:pipes1662@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 4:48 AM
To: Buzon, Valentino 
Subject: Re: missing persons


about those missing buddies, Fernando Celis who happens to be a cousin of mine is now connected with Allied Bank, he is the Branch Manager in North Bay Blvd. yung tabi ng dating magnolia house na kinakainan natin noong araw, remember those days?  I will try to get in touch with him to get some profile then i will send it to you.

si Moises Sta Ana naman, he works with the City Hall of Manila with Parks and
recreation Bureau. active siya sa simbahan nila (Iglesia ni Kristo) at laging naka-barong pag nagkikita kami. He is already married with one kid. when i go on vacation this coming sept, i will talk to him and ask his latest photo para makita naman ninyo.

yung iba, pag may balita, ipupukol ko na lang sa iyo.



June 2001 Issue
July 2001 Issue

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