Looking for a great rendition of the
  ORIGINAL Monk theme song...

Composed by                                      Jeff Beal
  Performed by               Eyran Katsenelenbogen

  This wonderful song played on the piano by
  Eyran can be found on his new CD "Solotude".
  For samples and sales, visit his website:
Monday, March 27, 2006
Welcome to what has become another "dead" website on the World Wide Web.  I started this site one summer--apparently during season 2 of the show based on the last time I updated--as a way to combat boredom one summer.  I put my efforts into the visuals of the website and not the content; so, you will find a smooth design and nice visuals, but no cool, unique, and interactive features.  To find these go to USA Network's Monk site.

I still love
Monk and watch it every Friday; however, I just don't have the time to update anymore.  I feel it is just curtious to say this.